Gun Rights: Dayton, OH

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This is a PRO-GUN site.  If you have a problem with gun owners, sporting shooters, or just guns in general, you are on the RIGHT site!  I’ll turn you into an avid marksman just as quickly as possible!

This site is being developed as a place to help gun enthusiasts (and others) in the Dayton/Greater Dayton, Ohio area find places to shoot, to get helpful links, etc.

I initially tried to make this site a place for discussion with the anti-gun crowd about compromises in legislation.   Since then (around 1/1/2014), I have determined that all the anti-gun people want to do is sling a bunch of BS rhetoric that they don’t even understand, but dogmatically repeat anyway.

Therefore, there is not much room for debate about gun ownership “stuff” here.  I am pro-gun, and so it this site!

First off, if you own guns, and you want to keep them from being outlawed and/or confiscated, I highly recommend you Join the NRA or make a donation to the NRA-ILA (NRA Institute for Legislative Action).  Just click on the appropriate logo below:

badgejointhenraDonate to the NRA-ILA

Feel free to comment on the pages here.  If it is Anti-Gun, then be prepared to get schooled on the Constitution and the founding of our USA…

This IS a site for the Dayton, Ohio area gunners, so you may want to know where to buy a gun to start with, or where to obtain the required training to carry concealed.



The Miami Armory WebSite

Although there are multiple Gun Shops in the Dayton South area, I find The Miami Armory to be staffed with the most knowledgeable, helpful, and professional people in the Dayton Mall area.  As the card above indicates, they are on Kingsridge Road, which is right by the Dayton mall, running between SR-741 and SR-725, like if you were going to the new Miami Township WalMart–Same road.

If they do not have what you want in stock, they can and will help you locate and purchase what YOU WANT.

This is the place I purchase my firearms, and that is a result of a great experience as a customer and CCW class student!  Their CCW class that I attended was AWESOME!


An alternative place to purchase firearms, that offers additional, practical pistol training is:

Sim-Trainer (Dryden Road, Dayton)

In addition to great practical pistol shooting and CCW classes, they also have a “Legal Update” class for CCW holders to experience a class led by a prosecuting attorney regarding the legal use of your concealed-carry handgun and if I recall correctly it only costs $49.

NOTE:  I joined their firing range today <01082014> (they give a military discount too!) and I fired a few hundred rounds in their very, very nice indoor range.  Afterwards, I had the opportunity to talk to a staff member for a while, and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I like and would recommend this target range, gun shop, and training facility.  I have yet to attend any of their classes, but they have NRA certified instructors, and some great shooting stuff for you to participate in, including an open Tuesday night league.
Check them out!  On Dryden Road, on the left side going West off of the I-75 exit, right around the third light after you get on Dryden Road.  SIM-Trainer sign on building.  Pretty simple to find 🙂


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For you Christian shooters out there, please see My Christian Musings Blog
This one is almost purely about MY thoughts on being a Christian in our modern Society, as well as discussion on the matter.


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