Proper Temperament for those who want a CCW

Hothead Types Ought not Carry a Firearm!

So you want to get your Concealed Carry License (CCW)?  If this is you, then you need to evaluate yourself and decide objectively if you are suited to carry a firearm!

  • Do you have a really bad temper with a short fuse?
  • Do you fight with the people in your home a lot, and do these fights get violent?
  • Are you mentally ill?  If so, is it treated to normality, and does that illness lend itself to you having a “short fuse?”
  • Do you, or have you, gotten into heated arguments with strangers in public or otherwise?
  • Are you able to remain calm in stressful situations?
  • Do you tend to lack good judgment when you get upset over ANYTHING?
  • Do you use street drugs?
  • Do you drink excessively?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you need to really seriously consider if it is a good idea for you to carry a concealed firearm (or any other weapon for that matter).

Also, if you have a domestic violence charge on your record, you are NOT allowed to get a CCW license.

If you are a felon, you are not permitted by law to possess a handgun, nor are you qualified to pass the background check necessary to obtain a CCW license.

You probably know yourself better than others know you, or at least hopefully you do.  If you have any doubts about your ability to maintain your cool during a stressful situation, then you should NOT consider trying to get a CCW license.  It just is not a good idea for people who are “Hot heads” to carry a firearm.  For one, you might actually use it without having just cause, and thereby kill another human being, land yourself in jail, or in a civil court for wrongful death.  Guaranteed if you shoot someone, you WILL go to court for it.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s.  That’s just the way it is.  So you dang well be a cool headed person if you decide to carry with a legal CCW license.

The CCW license is NOT a license for you to shoot people because you are angry at them.  It is for self-defense in life threatening situations ONLY.  If you go to an approved CCW class, you will be told when it is legal to use your firearm in self-defense.   If at any time, you determine that you would use your firearm in a manner that is not acceptable by law, then please don’t be so silly as to even get the CCW license to start with.   Consider your class a day of education, and just forget about carrying.  Please, I beg you, don’t spoil things for those of us who carry legally and don’t shoot people on a whim, or because we are angry, or even because we may feel threatened.  It takes a real man or woman to dissipate bad situations and not allow them to escalate to deadly violence.  So if you are going to carry, then you need to be that sort person.

Someone would literally have to be actively pulling a gun on me, or coming at me with a baseball bat, or knife, or some other very dangerous weapon before I would even consider showing my firearm, much less using it.  Pulling that trigger is the VERY LAST RESORT IN ANY SITUATION….THE LAST RESORT!

I really don’t want people who can’t handle themselves to get a CCW and carry, because if they do, inevitably they will erroneously use that firearm, get themselves in trouble, and on the news,possibly cause a death, and give the media yet another reason to put a black mark on the rest of us who carry responsibly and who don’t look for a reason to pull our weapon and/or shoot another human being.

Please realize that the odds are that if you shoot someone at close range with your firearm that they will at the very least end up in ICU for a bullet wound, or worse yet, DIE.  Believe me, you do NOT want the guilt of another’s death or permanent disability on your conscience.

To those of you who already have a CCW license, I would simply remind you of the above facts, and encourage you to consider if even you are fit enough to carry.  I would also recommend some frequent target shooting practice, to make sure you don’t miss in an emergency and then end up hurting an innocent bystander.  IF you must pull, and then IF you MUST fire, be sure you hit your target where necessary.  And by the way, I strongly recommend against attempting head shots in life or death situations.

Now, after having said all of this, I must remind you that I am NOT an Attorney, or Legal Expert, or anything of the sort.  I’m simply expressing my personal observations and opinions to you here.  Do as you will, but do NOT blame it on me.  If you use your firearm, then YOU are the one who is responsible for your actions….NOT ME.  So IF you use it, don’t go to court and say, “I read on this blog that it was ok to shoot when…..,” because that is BullShit!.   YOU take responsibility for YOUR actions, and I will ONLY take responsibility for my OWN, NOT YOURS.  You have been warned.

This post was written to discourage the wrong types of people from carrying a weapon at all.  You probably know if you are not the kind of person that can handle that responsibility, and I suggest you listen to yourself regarding the matter.   Again, do not put a black eye on those of us who fully qualify to carry and can handle the responsibility that comes with that right.

“Know thine own self….every heart vibrates to that iron string.” ~ H.D. Thoreau.

Ok, I’m done preaching at you.  I’m just trying to help you really.  I don’t want you to end up in jail or civil court, caught with your pants down because you knew you were not fit to carry and did so anyway, and then got yourself into a real mess!  Please consider the sacred nature of human life before ever considering taking it away from a fellow human being.

Have a nice day!

The Founder of this Blog….

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