Selecting Ammunition for your .308 Rifles

Very good info here!

For 200+ yard plain old target shooting, I use both the SMK and the Rem. Core-Lokt…168gr preferred.

I love my custom .308! it was carefully assembled by a family member who is a gunsmith, has a pillar bedded Mauser action and fiberglass bedded barrel, with a one piece stock/forearm that fits my larger frame perfectly. Gotta like that. Now I want one that would handle 1000 yard match shooting….so it would obviously be a different rifle….but for now, I’ll just keep playing in the 200-yard range lol. Been a very long time since I took a truly long range shot anyway. Even if the rifle would handle it I’m not sure I still can!

Anyway, kudos to this post! Great reading on my fav rifle caliber :)))


Be it a bolt-action (like a Remington 700 series) or a battle rifle (PTR-91, M14, HK-91, or FN-FAL), selecting quality ammunition is critical to getting the most out of your gun.

  • Federal Fusion is an excellent choice for both barrier busting and terminal performance. It is also readily available at any sporting goods store.
  • Remington Core-Lokt is readily available at any sporting goods store and is a very good choice as well.

Here is some good info from

There has been a significant amount of scientific testing yielding repeatable, verifiable, irrefutable factual data rather than mere opinions. For a perimeter role a 5.56 mm AR using appropriate ammunition is probably just fine; it might even be OK as a sniper support weapon as long as shots into vehicles or through intermediate barriers are not a common concern. Having said that, as a LE or military…

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