“We The People” Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence

“We The People” Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence.

Ok, demand a plan?  How about “Let US ALL agree upon and create a plan to present to our government leaders, instead of just laying it on their door step?

Please see the post here regarding DIALOGUE :)!  That is what is needed in this situation.  If it must be “you” vs. “us (gun owners),” then things will never get better I assure you.  It is only when people who care about crimes with guns can talk about and agree upon postive solutions to keep the CRIMINALS from acquiring guns, will we ever get anywhere better on this issue.

No problem with some revisions on the gun laws here….just a problem with a demand for mindless erasure of Constitutional rights for HONEST and NON-CRIMINAL citizens to own, use, and/or carry with proper background checks and safety training…

The link above leads to a post that is militant against law abiding gun owners, and that is not very well thought out in my opinion.  Just a bunch of demands, rather than an invitation to discuss and attempt to agree upon progressive problem solving.

Although I am in no way currently a “militant” gun owner, posts like the one linked to above could possibly drive some gun owners to a militant state of mind, which is certainly not conducive to getting things done properly.

It escapes me why, the “Hollywood” people in a video clip here even have anything to say at all on the matter, as it can be safely assumed that they themselves have, in all probability, armed security for themselves and their homes, and hence no need for personal gun ownership.  Further, it is obvious that they are just hopping on what they believe is a popular issue in order to obtain more public recognition and/or support.

This sort of thing is such a shame in my eyes.  Truly it is.

I feel very, very bad for all victims of senseless gun violence.  However, we, the legal and responsible, and safety conscious gun owners of America just do not do such things.  Things like Newtown happen because some adults fail to secure their deadly weapons, which is paramount to gun safety practice.  A responsible mother would not give free access to firearms to her (obviously) disturbed child.   I blame them both in this situation.

As for the theater shooting that happened a while back, if one or more CCW owners with some cajones had been present and carrying legally, I believe the damage could have been minimized.

In any case, why is it that the so called “anti-gun movement” is anti-gun to begin with?  Should they not be “anti-crime/criminal?”  I feel that such people are a bit lacking in perspective and responsible thinking and speaking.  It is sad to me, one who is a retired war veteran and who actively defended our Constitution, to see my fellow Americans having such skewed ideals regarding firearms ownership.

All that having been said, I sort of feel as if I am spinning my wheels trying to get a decent conversation out of any of “those people.”  It saddens me greatly that we cannot join as citizens against crime vs. having such rhetorical B.S. flying out all over the media and internet.  I choose to not be dogmatic or militant regarding this issue.  Is it too much to ask for others to attempt the same attitude?  I just do not get it.  I wish I did, but it just is not sinking in to my mind how taking an honest, upright, law-abiding, concerned citizen’s sporting and self-defense, or collection firearms, is in any way going to affect criminals, who are none of these things, thereby reducing crime?

There is a severe lack of logic and communication between the opposing sides of this issue.

Please feel free to respond to any or all of this post….in this particular situation, I will be gentle in moderating any responses.  Just please do not make any personal insults, or curse too much….that sort of thing offends me, and since this is MY blog after all, it just will not be tolerated.   Therefore, if you can write a well thought out response here, without being an outright ass in doing so, then please just have at it.  If you are incapable of forming such a response, then in my opinion, it might be a good idea to rethink your use of internet media/sharing/social networking altogether.

Follows, tweets, likes, etc. are always appreciated here.  If you follow me, I’ll gladly follow you, whether I agree with your stance on guns or not, simply because I do sincerely care about others’ opinions on the issue, and really, really want to discuss things in a civil manner.

Militant types on either side of this issue–Be warned, I do not like close-minded stances on anyone’s part, and if you strike me as such, your post will go straight into the trash.

Have a blessed day, enjoy life, live and let live.  Please.

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