Oh my goodness…I just flat do not like it when people have closed minds on anything!


I’m a member. So what? You may be a member of an organization as well. ALL organizations have “bad apples,” or flaws here and there, some more than others. That is just life the way it is.

I have been doing my best to review the “anti-gun” blogs and sites and info and everything related to THAT cause. Yet, when I comment, I seem to always get “moderated to the trash bin,” even though I am respectful and try to be as logical and constructive as possible.

Well, in today’s case, I am PISSED THE HECK OFF! That should really be the post title I suppose, but then no one would have read it this far I don’t think…

The people who are soooo against guns are soooo rude! I just can not tolerate rude behavior like I have seen on some of their blogs/sites towards people that simply have a different viewpoint than do they! This is totally NUTS!

But, wait a minute, apparently I am considered a “Gun Nut” because I think we can have guns AND decrease violence with guns simultaneously with just a bit of cooperative effort. And that makes me a “Gun Nut?” WTH?

So, all that having been said, I will proceed to say it simply, as it is, in short words that such people can understand:

  1. I am a gun owner
  2. I believe in the Second Amendment RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear
  3. Militia and Armed Forces are two very different things
  4. I am a CCW licensee, and yes, I carry a GLOCK .40 S&W about everywhere that it is legal to do so (I never drink if I’m carrying either BTW)
  5. I am also a retired war veteran, and I know how to use my .40 if necessary, and I know the difference between necessary and not necessary.
  6. I am a peaceful person and do NOT WANT to shoot anyone.  It’s a friggin last resort in the case that my life, or the life of one of my family is in IMMINENT danger
  7. Criminals kill indiscriminately if you hadn’t noticed.  Watch some TV documentaries about gangs in LA and elsewhere would ya?
  8. Just because I belong to the NRA does not make me a “gun nut”….it makes me well informed of the legislative efforts that may negatively impact my rights, and helps ensure that those rights remain intact.
  9. I will walk away, run away, drive away, or attempt to dissipate a situation before ever even considering showing my gun, much less using it
  10. IF I MUST USE MY PISTOL, then whoever is around should call the ambulance and then the police, in that order, because a nasty criminal will be leaking blood like a sieve.

Now, that’s just the way it is with ME.  YOU do as you please, but stay the hell out of my rights and out of my personal decisions and business if you are not open to mutually respectful dialogue.

I will discuss anything with anyone, but will not be called names or walked over because I own a gun.  (Damn it)

Finally, this IS MY Blog after all, and if you are so narrow minded as to espouse your views without considering mine in return for my time and attention to yours, then to hell with  you and your post.

Ok, that’s it for this one I reckon.  Don’t want to look like a “Gun Nut” …..

**************************************Finally, I apologize sincerely if this post offends anyone.  Sorry, I like my freedom of speech too!  Guess that makes me a “speech nut” eh?*****

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