Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for SHTF


Good article overall.

One little reminder about the scope is that you will also need a good supply of commonly available ammunition that you have already zeroed your rifle’s scope and iron sights to.

From Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for SHTF.

AR-15 for SHTF
When the crap hits the fan, what accessories would you want on your AR-15? For OPSEC and to keep our names off extra paperwork, let’s ignore silencers and short barreled rifles.

Silencers may play an important role in surviving a post-SHTF world, but paperwork is also an OPSEC issue. Anyone having access to the right paperwork will know exactly who has a silencer and who has a short barreled rifle. There are also the local, state, and federal laws and restrictions to consider.

For the sake of discussion and to keep things simple, lets just exclude anything that requires paperwork.

Iron Sights
The art…

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  1. The AR-15 is a common firearm among gun enthusiasts. It is a reliable firearm and many accessories are available for this firearm.

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