Our cowardly president using clandestine type methods to back door in anti-gun legislation.  That’s not to say that people who are diagnosed as insane, or incompetent should have guns, but rather that this is an unacceptable way to get things done for the American people!

If Mr. President Obama can usher in this (BS) Obamacare health care “stuff,” then why can he and his buddies in Government figure out how to have everyday physicians serving in ANY capacity, do some better mental health screenings for people that they see or treat?

Methinks that rather than gun laws squeezing honest citizens tighter and tighter, until there becomes a caste system in our country where only the “Lords and King” can own the guns, and we lowly “peasants” have to grovel to get a bow and arrow to hunt, that Mr. Obama’s Administration would focus on some way…ANY way, to take America back to a country where the values of society create a society that is again able to restrict itself, help itself, and do many other wonderful things, WITHOUT the Government telling us HOW and WHEN to do EVERYTHING.

The so called “gun violence issue” is not really a “gun” issue, but rather a “societal people” issue.  When there are gang members and/or drug dealers in urban areas who kill simply to justify their acceptance into such gangs, using guns with blatant disregard for human life, it would seem to me that THESE are the types of problems that need legislative action.

But instead, the current administration would rather leave innocents defenseless against such neighborhood tyranny by preventing them from gun ownership for self and home protection rather than effectively enforcing the gun and drug laws that are already on the books.

But we hear things like “over crowded prisons in America,” or “plea bargains,” and “reduced sentences,” etc., rather than criminals who negligently disregard human life and use firearms to achieve their own “hierarchy” on the streets of America being arrested and punished as the real insanely violent, anti-society people that they are!

Further, WE THE PEOPLE, have a serious need to return back to our roots to a very great extent.  We certainly need to do a better job raising our children and teaching THEM the responsibilities that WE were (hopefully) taught.  By “WE” I am pointing at the people who currently have children (of any age) in our homes.  It is OUR responsibility to stop shoving them in front of “electronic babysitters” and start spending some time with them on how to “play nice, use their imaginations a bit more, learn some solid core ethical values,” and especially learn from OUR OWN EXAMPLE, what a correct work ethic looks like!

‘There are entirely too many children pawned off onto various other people rather than parents taking time to do things correctly in the raising of their own children.  Hell, we have a vast number of CHILDREN RAISING CHILDREN.  How is THAT possible?  Obviously, the children who have their own children were either somehow “lost in the crowd” of others just like them who were not raised with solid ethics.

I would strongly encourage ALL parents of age to get their priorities straight, and actually DO for their children what was not done for them.  Make those children the priority instead of your selfish SELF!  YOU brought them into this world, so YOU teach them how to “play nice” from age 1 day on!

All of this gun control crap is a result of a generation of kids who needed their mommy and daddy, but got only one of those, or were abused and mistreated, or under taught, or ignored, or pawned off, or exposed to illegal activities, etc., etc., et al.

I readily point to the Sandyhook massacre and the mentally disturbed “kid” who did it, along with his irresponsible mother.  I blame HER as MUCH AS HIM, if not more.    As I understand, the boy had some sort of learning disorder or mental condition, but was allowed to spend an enormous amount of time locked in his room with video games and whatever else he had in there, rather than being effectively treated for his problems by competent medical/psychological professionals.  This is the sort of thing I mean by parents “pawning off” their kids to “electronic babysitters.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with a child watching SOME television/cartoons & the like, OR with video games in MODERATION.  But to allow the Television, Game Console, and even school teachers to raise one’s kid, is completely irresponsible, and we should not be surprised when the child becomes irresponsible as well — that is the example that was set for the child.  They therefore turn into introverted, sad, lonely kids who tend to be bullied in school and thereby get even more screwed up than when YOU started the process by ignoring them in lieu of your job/career/money, well intentioned funneling of money to them, or alcohol, drugs, or (x)-other-priority.  See, the “priority” should be on the kids, NOT on the parent’s needs for instant gratification in ANY are of THEIR lives.

We, the responsible parents of America, need to demand better for and from our kids.  We certainly have a responsibility to teach them how to be productive citizens, to “play nice” with others, and especially to participate in our governmental system .

It would also be nice if people would realize that MONEY is NOT the end all, be all result of TRUE SUCCESS!  Money can be a wonderful tool, or a devastating vice.  It can buy a kid decent clothes, good food, and toys that require imagination, OR, it can become your master and you it’s slave!

Child “buyer” beware…


Give Me Liberty

This is from The Blaze.

Dictator Barry says privacy laws or any law means nothing to me.

Laws only apply to the peasant class but never to royalty like

Moochelle and myself.

When in the Hell are we going to put a stop to this bullshit?


After failing to strengthen background checks on gun buyers through Congress, the Obama administration on Friday announced pending executive action on the matter focused mainly on mental health issues that would allow the government to get around certain privacy laws on the books in order to obtain more information.

Obama Administrations Two Quiet New Executive Actions on Who Can Buy a Gun

The new restrictions would take the form of regulations from the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services. One of the regulations would seek to gain information previously withheld because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, which protects medical privacy.

“Too many Americans have been severely injured…

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