Just a little ranting…

I was talking to my Uncle yesterday, a guy from wayyy down in the Appalachian Mountains, about guns and politics.  I typically try to avoid politics in conversations, but he is family and WE can talk, or rather, I can talk and he will listen LOL.

Thing is, we were talking about how POLITICIANS are all crooked, and IMO, probably a bunch a are.  Just MY opinion.  Well, then we started talking about the anti-gun crowd and all that, and when and where we started hunting and stuff.

He started hunting up on the mountain ridge just past the end of his home’s street while in elementary school.  I started hunting on my parents’ private property when I was in elementary school, and both of us (+ one of his brothers) did this before school on weekdays.  It was neat to have such in common.

Then we started talking about learning to shoot, with what sort of gun, etc., and it turned into a fine conversation.

Here is the “rant” part of this post:

Anti-friggin-gunners just do not realize how useful guns are in the right hands, for obtaining food, and personal bonds that last a lifetime.

They also just probably do not know from whence they speak, as I doubt seriously they have ever owned or used a gun.  So WTH are they doing trying to tell ME that I should not, or can not own one?

I went to the target range yesterday too.  And I had a ball putting right at 200 rounds through my Glock 27 concealed carry pistol.  I hurt no one, or nothing, with the exception of my own pride with a few off target shots.  But heck, I was shooting at around 21 feet at 6 inch triangle, squares and circles.  My handgun is NOT a competition target gun, and when I did actually hit each target on the sheet will 8 shots (1 magazine per target), I was tickled to death.  Anti-gunners do NOT know how that feels…the sense of personal accomplishment and the pride that results!  But they want to rob ME of that?  Screw that!

The main reason I was at the range was simply to join.  Second reason was to shoot, and to maintain a quality level of proficiency with my “carry gun.”  It is simply logical that if one carries a gun then they need to be proficient in shooting it, and MAINTAIN that proficiency.

But, instead of realizing that people who legally carry concealed handguns are very well versed in their use, anti-gunners just want to get rid of ALL guns because SOME idiots/criminals used them for crime.  Tell ya what, if there were absolutely NO guns AT ALL inside of our borders permitted for civilian use, it would NOT decrease violence in our societal structure as it is, nor would it decrease the amount of deaths.  This is my opinion.  I believe that even if NO civilian, including criminals, had any access to guns whatsoever, the criminal element would still be violent, would still attack innocent (and then unarmed) people, and still end up in jail.  So what’s the dang point of banning guns?  To decrease crime?  Give me a break!  It would more likely increase crime, and the still deadly weapon of choice would just change, most likely to knives and /or clubs of some sort.


I have a personal message for all of you anti-gun people out there:  Kiss my lily white ass!  If you want my gun, then by God show that you have some cajones, and come get it from me personally.  I promise to give them to you, muzzle first, loaded, round in the chamber, and my finger on the trigger (that’s what makes guns go “bang” you moron), and you may have my ammunition as well, as I will be happy to send you carrying it all with you to the friggin hospital to have it dug out of your socialist friggin flesh.    You friggin idiots.

Our Founding Fathers had talks, wrote letters, rode horse and carriage to government meetings, etc., and they established that we should have the right to keep and bear arms.  They were much smarter, more practical, and had way more common sense than YOU.  Read your history asshole!  Our freedom from England was achieved in large part by armed citizens, not regular armies (there was no such thing in America, and they didn’t want such either).  The Constitution says “..for a well regulated militia…” and it is talking about armed citizen-patriots, not the armed forces.  So get over it, or go hide in a hole, stick your head deeper into the sand — whatever.  I’ve tried to talk reasonably and respectfully to you people, and have gotten nothing except BS rhetorical mudslinging in return.  Fine.  You people don’t want to talk?  Ok, then it will be a pure political war between we the people, along with our NRA, against you assholes.  And even if you win, you will lose.  Period.

Have a nice “imaginary Utopian” day butthead.


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