Competition Pistol Shooters Out there???

I very much want to shoot in pistol competition!  Matter of fact, I really, really want to shoot in the Bianchi Cup in 2017 OR 2018 and on….However, I am unsure of the path to follow that will get me there.

It begins with ME of course.  Do I have the talent? (I think so)   Do I have the proper equipment? NO I DO NOT!!!

What I have is an off-the-shelf Glock 27 (.40 S&W), that has not had ANY modifications done to it….I intend to lighten the trigger to 3.5lbs, and put a steel competition grade barrel in it, BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO SHOOT COMPETITION WITH!!!


I’ve got my eyes on a custom shop tricked out Sig P226 9mm, and am looking at needing to spend around $2200 just for the pistol and 2 magazines.  Obviously I will need more magazines, but am unsure of what else I may need? Any advice out there?

As for my skill with a pistol…..with the GLOCK I described above, no mods, I can completely tear out a 3″ bullseye at 25 feet.  However, due to the short barrel, excessive recoil, etc., as well as a lack of experience with “Target” shooting at 50 feet, I’m not worth a crap at that distance (50′).  IMO, I need a 9mm vs. the .40, and a pistol with as little recoil as possible, along with superbly machined parts and stuff, hence the Sig custom gun that I’m looking at.  But, by the time I have the cash free to buy one, they’ll likely have yet another model out LOL, which is fine (I’ll just go with whatever the latest and best is), but for now, I’m limited to my Glock 27, which I am certainly going to upgrade a bit, but it is still NOT a competition grade firearm or caliber IMO.

So, are there any competitive pistol people out there who would be so kind as to share their advice with me?

How do I start the road to pistol competition?  Is it with NRA postal match?  Is it by joining the VFW and shooting with them or something?

See, I’m a disabled vet and stuff, and am actually now missing my dominant hand’s index finger, which means my “trigger finger”, so I have to compensate for that on my grip on a pistol, as well as with trigger pull and stuff.  I can and have been able to do that.  But what I’m getting at is, since I am eligible, would a VFW with a shooting team be a good place to start, or should I just begin going to NRA sanctioned matches and shooting in them?

What is required to qualify for such matches?  Does one have to have an NRA ranking or whatever?

In summation, I need advice on “the perfect competition grade pistol”, and where to start my path to the 2017 or 2018 Bianchi Cup.  I don’t expect that I could win, but I DEFINITELY want to qualify and shoot in it!!!  That alone would be a dream come true for me.

Any advice or help out there would be very much appreciated!!!

Thanks, God Bless, and Take Care!


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