PROTIP: Store Your Firearms Securely!

PROTIP: Store Your Firearms Securely!.


This lack of proper storage is incredibly stupid as well as inexcusable.

It is especially a black eye on an NRA endorsed candidate.

Methinks there SHOULD definitely be some sort of safe-storage legal and binding contract signed when someone purchases a gun.  Now whether my NRA agrees with that, I don’t know…but it would seem like logical common sense to me that access to firearms should be totally restricted by their respective owners.

I personally do not allow access to my guns by anyone except me, especially any handgun.  And for that matter, no one else in my home, with the exception of my son the armed security guy, could only remotely guess as to the loading and use of what I do have.  Still, the guns are mine and I ensure they are safely stored…and that lack of safe storage is what resulted in this theft of the son’s AR-15.  So now the anti-gun people have another thing to point out that is wrong regarding SOME gun owners, but they will say ALL gun owners OR all NRA members.

Silly politician and family caused this….SAD


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