Christians Who Own/Use/Carry Guns…



How do we, as Christians, reconcile our support of the Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms??


Jesus taught forgiveness, turning the other cheek, etc.   The Bible says in at least two places I’m aware of:  “Be angry but sin not.”

How do we, Christians who own guns and carry them (legally with a CCW license), reconcile possibly having to kill someone in our own defense, or in defense of our families, with the teachings of Jesus?

One thing that comes to mind is the “turn the other cheek” passage.  Fact is, in that day and age, it was considered “not manly” to strike someone with your left hand.  So, if a Christian was struck by a Roman, and then turned their other cheek to him, so that if there was another slap that had to be left handed, it would be an insult to the Roman himself, and this was a way of civil disobedience, not Jesus telling us to let people just do as they will to us!  (Attention JB: Do you know who Martin Luther King, Jr. was?  He preached civil disobedience, like Jesus did).  Feel free to research that for yourself if you like, but trust me, I do know what I am talking about in this case 🙂 LOL

But really, WHAT IF?  

What if we have to shoot someone?  

What if they die as a result?  Is that murder?  Not by the law of the land it isn’t.  Is it therefore not a sin?  If it is a sin, would YOU commit it to save yourself or your family?

How does that mesh with the teachings in the Bible?

Please comment and tell me what you think about this!

God Bless and be With You ALL 🙂


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  1. Since I wrote it, I’ll put up the first comment.
    I would not hesitate in the least to shoot someone who was attempting to use lethal force against me or my family. And iI DO NOT think it would be a sin (i.e., murder)! I dare anyone to argue this point here! Come on, you know you wanna LOL.
    ~S~ (The Blogger Here)

  2. Of course I’m a follower of Christ. I’m an honest, upright white boy with Appalachian heritage and sometimes an attitude about people like you 🙂
    Sorry though, I’m certainly too well educated to be a “dumbass” or “typical,” however, we can at least agree that I’m caucasian. Thanks for noticing….

    In re: to your BS comment (that I actually approved to be posted here), about what Jesus would do, and Him being a “Socialist,” I would like to remind you that in Jesus’ time, there were no firearms, there were spears and swords. And the Jewish people were under the rule of the Romans, who disarmed them, and as a result, were easily able to destroy Jerusalem around 70 AD. You see, historically, societies that allow themselves to be disarmed, even in the days of Jesus, have been taken over and ruled by dictators, in that case, Caesar.

    I would also like to point out that “Socialism” did not actually exist back then. The earliest “Christians” too up communal living after the Day of Pentecost, but Socialism as we currently define it didn’t come into existence until many centuries later (you dummy).

    Also, I seriously doubt that, even if He were threatened physically with lethal force, during his ministry but before the Passion, He would not have needed a gun to protect himself…He had His Father in Heaven, and hosts of Angels, remember? Not to mention 12 pretty rough men with him most of the time. He didn’t choose the society elite. And as if someone would have attacked him anyway! The people that did finally attack him were, as is potentially the case in our own future, his own people, the Hebrew Sanhedrin (those were the Jewish legal people by the way).

    Finally it should be pointed out that you, as well as many Christians, are being judgmental of another human being, who, like you, is a child of God. So no, sadly for you, I’m not a “dumbass Christian.” It looks to me like perhaps IF you crazy anti-gun people were ever to succeed in banning guns, which is highly improbable, that you may go after freedom of religion next…

    (ONE POINT ABOUT A GUN BAN: IF they are EVER banned, and I doubt seriously that will happen, I think people like you should be required to do the confiscations from the private residences of all white neighborhoods. I bet you could even get us to give you our ammo, but not in a box….I mean out of the muzzle of a gun. That is NOT any sort of threat or statement against our government and our laws, but it is rather a point that you anti-gunners do not seem to “get.” You think we’ll all voluntarily turn in our guns at the local PD? Give me a break. Gun owners of all colors/races/whatever, will never give them up voluntarily for anyone or any reason….

    Well, I’ll tell you what. You speak your silly thoughts and opinions all you want here. It aids me in demonstrating my points about the anti-gun crowd a lot. And, odd as it will probably seem to you, I have decided that you will be added to my personal prayer list. Do you have any needs, other than what see as being obvious, that you would like me to pray about for you? Feel free to make prayer requests here, or to me personally via eMail at:

    May the Lord’s peace that surpasses all understanding be with you JB. Perhaps if you chilled out a little, you might be able to control the trash that comes out of your mouth about us gun owners and NRA members.

    Later Dude.

  3. So as the resident black guy, all I have to say is that this is not only an incredible post, but your response to the ignorant poster above is really gracious. I would have just let it stand unresponded to, since he’s only embarrassing himself with those kinds of comments… who let him even come near a computer, anyway?

    1. Airseatraveler: Hi there :). You know, I really just can’t believe that this ignorant guy played the “race card” anyway. As a man, a former soldier, and as a Christian, I have love for, and respect everyone, regardless of color or anything else. I just try to be nice and kind to others in general, even when they are obnoxious like “JB” was in his post.

      I dunno who let this guy near a computer, and especially don’t see how he is able to operate it, much less run a website, if “running it” is what we determine he is doing LOL. Actually, I think he is probably just a bitter person for some reason. It is likely not his fault, but rather a result of environmental factors. I don’t believe people are born stupid….they learn it. Just like others might learn to be (on the other end of this spectrum) violent.

      So I will allow “JB” to post here all he wants, especially since all it does is further my cause against anti-gunners lol. I should probably consider paying him to visit and post frequently for that matter!

      I get long winded sometimes. Sorry, I’ll shut up. I just hope nothing said in convo here offended anyone personally. We need to all realize that “JB” is just silly and doesn’t know how to behave in public. Probably just didn’t have a good raising 😦 That’s too bad too, cuz if he were PRO-gun, he’d likely be posting a lot of truly useful stuff for a GOOD cause..
      k, shutting up. Take care buddy 🙂

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