I recant my previous Welcoming of Anti-Gun Dialogue

Anti-Gun Crowd is FULL of (Black)Racists and Idiots

After a few months of looking at sites like:   http://www.theobamacrat.com , and others, I have determined that I can safely say there is just no room for dialogue with the Anti-Gun Activists.  THEY do NOT want to talk about compromise at all.  They just want to talk, be heard, and for the government to follow their ideals in passing even more restrictions on guns and gun ownership, as well as concealed-carry laws.

Trust me, I’ve done plenty of research, and I have yet to find ONE anti-gun person or group on the Web that has any interest in talking sensibly about gun laws.  They just do NOT want to hear from anyone who even slightly opposes their views.  And my oh my, if you tell them you are an NRA member (like me and probably most of those reading this), they completely shut off their ears.

So, because of this bad experience with all the anti-gun people I have encountered during intense research over the past six weeks+, I have deleted a post in which I made a suggestion regarding a few modifications to our current gun laws.

I sincerely regret trying to talk with these people.  They are close-minded, rude, sometimes racist against white guys like me, and immovable in their overly staunch views.  Therefore, I will no longer attempt to have a conversation with anyone who is anti-gun.  I will “moderate out” any posts by such people, especially “JB” from The Obamacrat, who clearly called me a fascist, racist, etc., and went so far as to tell me to “go suck a ……”

I’ve been courteous, gracious, and nothing but classy to ALL who have been to this site.  NO MORE.

Anti-gunners are nothing but would be socialists who would have no problem living in a United States where ONLY the Police and Military have guns.  Long, long ago, I recall reading in an “American Rifleman” magazine that, “A state in which only the Police have guns, is a Police State.”

That’s not the Proud Gun Heritage of which I am a part, and it is certainly not the type of society we Americans want!

I am so very sorry about the people who have unnecessarily lost their lives to gun violence.  However, that is why I carry mine…I refuse to be a victim.  No, I’m not looking for a reason to shoot or kill someone else.  That is FAR from the mindset I have. I will be damned if I forsake my roots or give up my guns for these people, and leave myself and my family unprotected.  And we would be unprotected.  I assure you that I, and many, many people like me, are able to respond to the threat of lethal force MUCH faster than even the best Police Officer can be dispatched and save our collective rumps.

SUMMARY:  I do not wish to give up ANY of my current gun rights.  I do, however, wish the laws to be loosened more than a little so that I can enjoy MORE gun rights.  I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to prove to the world that I’m an honest American citizen.  My driver’s license, and a background check should be suffiicient to purchase any gun I wish.  NO MORE GUN LAWS!  We have ENOUGH!

I’m personally sorry for the school, theater, and other mass killing victims and their families, but damn it, I did not do it!  In most cases, the idiots who perpetrate such crimes got their guns from other idiots who either just flat let them have the gun(s), or from other idiots who didn’t store them properly so as to prevent psychopaths from getting to them.

As a retired soldier, and as a law-abiding citizen, I should not be punished for the acts of idiots.  Punish the dang idiots who commit the crimes, and the people who were complicit in allowing their guns to be used for such crimes.   “I ain’t the One!”

Further, it is my opinion that any citizen, in any state in the country, who can pass a background check and an NRA approved pistol class, should be licensed to carry a concealed weapon (pistol/revolver), and that license should be valid in EVERY STATE IN AMERICA.  PERIOD.

As for me, I am disabled  and my pistol is my ONLY protection against physical violence.  Are you Anti-Gun people going to tell me I just have to take a bullet because concealed carry is not my right?  I’ve got just two words for ya all:  BITE ME!

In addition, shooting sports should be part of High School requirements in the USA. Every person over the age of twelve should be trained in the use of shotgun, rifle, and pistol — of course by qualified “teachers,” such as NRA qualified instructors.  Have you Anti-Gunners ever seen the people in the Olympics doing their rifle shooting?  Shooting IS a sport.  Will you outlaw footballs next?  Or better yet, basketballs?  No one seems to take issue with NBA players making MILLIONS for playing a game, yet they have an issue with me PAYING to participate in MY sport of choice?  Please.

Upon graduation, and upon attaining the age of eighteen, those who successfully complete their course requirements should be eligible to apply for a concealed carry license.  At 17, I was enlisted in the USAFR, and could be called up to use a firearm, but you’re going to tell me that while I was 18 in the military that I should not have had the right to purchase a handgun?  That is ludicrous!

I’m only 44 years old, and I recall looking at rifles and shotguns in the “Sears” catalog.  I didn’t buy one and go kill others at random.  Neither did anyone I knew at that young age.  As a matter of fact, all the local hardware stores, “Murphy Marts,” Sears, etc., sold guns.  Why not?  Guns ARE tools.  WE use them for hunting (food, you know), for target shooting, and myriad other events that are awesomely fun in which to participate.

The problem is DEFINITELY NOT THE GUNS.  The real problem is our society’s lack of ability to properly care for and raise children.  Families are almost forced to have two working parents in our country now just to have a house, maybe a good car and maybe a “beater”, and to get by at the grocery store.  Maybe we should legislate parenting?  Perhaps there needs to be a change deeper in our ethics and morals?  Perhaps ALL adults should ensure ALL firearms in the home are NOT accessible to our kids?  Ya think?

As for those who succeed in unnecessarily (i.e., not self-defense) killing another with a gun, make it a mandatory, MINIMUM twenty-five year federal prison sentence!  If a citizen over age 18 (or who is to be tried as an adult), is violent enough to kill innocent children or others, then send them up to the Federal Prisons with the big boys, and we’ll see how their silly selves fare then.  Heck, for that matter, if someone shoots and kills another “just for the heck of it” (research gang violence if you are clueless here) vs. self-defense, make it a death sentence!  I am sure that as a CCW holder that I will never kill without it being a “kill or BE killed situation,” and am willing to make sure I can prove a case of self-defense.  Personally, as a gun owner and an NRA member, I value human life.  It is sacred, and I am a man of honor, integrity, and morals…an upright, law abiding citizen, etc., etc., etc., and the very LAST thing I EVER wish to do is to shoot another human being.  I would much prefer to punch holes in paper with my pistol during a competition, than to hurt or kill another person.

There are MANY like me. We will NOT be silenced!

That’s all I have to say right now.

Good evening.  May God be with you, and His blessings be upon you.



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  1. Hmmm. I have the unique position of being the resident black guy. I won’t pretend that I didn’t vote for Obama, or that I wouldn’t again. I also hate the NRA. I’m not sure of what you’re reading that’s got you fired up about black racism in the context of gun control (not denying its existence, it is DEFINITELY there), because the vast majority of the outspoken gun control proponents I come across are white. Overwhelmingly so. Same with gun rights supporters.

    Granted, there was one idiot that appeared on here, but I think he’s more of a racist butthead than a bonifide gun control advocate.

    In any case, we see eye to eye on protecting our Second Amendment rights. I would respectfully encourage you to continue to engage the anti-gun crowd, because if they have nobody else but their own press to listen to, then they are only going to hear themselves. In the meantime, just ignore the idiots, be they racist or not.

    1. airseatraveler: “resident black guy?” LOL. Poor fella. I am glad you are a “resident” period. You have the ability to write thoughtful and just plain good responses, and I have respect for that.

      I assure you that “I” am NOT a racist. But that “JB” dude certainly is a racist and a lot of other bad things (and we both know the dude is black).

      I’m curious…you say that the vast majority on both sides of the issue are white. Why? If that is true, and I’m not saying it isn’t, then why on earth is it true do you think? Personally, I believe that given the history of the black race in America, black people would be fighting tooth and nail to not be disarmed. Were I black, I know I’d not want to lose my personal protection in this country.

      Yep, “JB” is without doubt a racist butthead, and that is a very kind description of the dude.

      One thing I do NOT understand is that you say you hate the NRA, yet you state later in the post that you and I see eye to eye on protecting our Second Amendment rights. How is that? The NRA is THE pro-Second Amendment group in the Nation, and if it were not for them and their lobbying efforts, guns would likely already have been banned. Hence my support of the NRA. I do not see it as a club for white guys, or a club for anyone. I see the NRA as my voice in government…my watchdog for my gun rights….my source for gun sports info, etc. Do you feel they are a racist organization? w Or is it something else that makes you hate them? I am VERY curious about this.

      As for engaging the anti-gun crowd, well, I have tried going to their sites/blogs, etc., and posting sensible stuff in defense of gun rights, and they simply will NOT do anything except either ignore me, or moderate out my comments. They just do not want to hear anything that doesn’t totally agree with their own viewpoints, be it a rational, well thought, gracious post or not. Heck, I’ve tried and tried over and over, and absolutely cannot find an anti-gunner to engage in an actual conversation. All they seem to want to do is to spout dogmatic rhetoric that I have already heard, and they do not seem to want to have dialogue at all. Just their way or the highway.

      Now I want to apologize to you personally if you found this post offensive to yourself as a black guy. It was NOT intended that way. Looking back at it, I see how perhaps it could have been offensive to any black person, regardless of their stance on gun laws, and for that I am sorry.

      I will not, however, change the title or the post itself. The title was poorly worded, I will give ya that. But the post itself was an exact refection of my feelings, and I really needed to vent those here.

      Ya know, the funny thing is, some of my very best friends in the military were black. I spent time at their homes, and them at mine. We hung out together, partied together, and went to war together. We were mutually supportive, and WE were able to have dialogue regarding about anything, from uniform requirements to racial issues, and not one time did we ever get mad at each other. We were all part of a larger brotherhood…a “brothers at arms” thing, and always sought to maintain the esprit de corps. At this point in time, I don’t even know any black people, but I suppose that is because I live in a predominantly white neighborhood, and I don’t get out much. I’m totally disabled, unable to work, and have but a few friends, and those come either from my past, or from my (all white) church.

      I can personally imagine how it might feel to be the only white guy in, let’s say, a club full of black people. It would be a bit uncomfortable, but I would personally extend my respect and myself to the people there. So I can sort of imagine how you might feel HERE as the “resident black guy.” That actual phrase cracks me up by the way. To me, you’re the resident logical, sensible, and nice guy. “Black” really has nothing to do with it in my eyes.

      Thanks for your post, and I will consider your words.

      Talk to ya later bud 🙂

      1. To be clear, I wasn’t offended, the title was uncomfortable to read, but I know that you weren’t taking a shot at us as black people. And let’s be serious, there are racist black people, who think that it’s not racism because of what we’ve experienced in the past, and I understood that you were reacting to that. Really, I “get it”, I wasn’t calling you out on a base of race.

        I pointed out the fact that I’m “the resident black guy” to point out that there are plenty of us who are rational and can participate in a complex conversation like this and that JB shouldn’t be considered as representative of us.

        Why are the vast majority of pro- and anti-gun rights activists white? That’s because the majority of Americans are white (blacks make up some 13% of our population). Though to be fair, there are more blacks who support gun control than oppose it, since blacks are a democratic demographic (indeed, I voted democratic in the last two elections, though I did vote for GW), and support for gun control runs along democratic lines.

        As far as the logic of why blacks should theoretically support gun rights given our history, well, let’s just say that the majority of blacks who seem to care about carrying guns do so outside of the protections of the Second Amendment.

        And I’m more than happy to explain my utter disgust with the NRA… I was raised by my parents to believe that the NRA was racist against black people (my mom, who retired as a police officer after her second shooting, which involved a fatality, is very pro Second Amendment).

        I have seen no evidence to believe that the NRA is racist organization, and I’m not sure why my parents believe that.

        In any case, in the last five years that I’ve been carrying a firearm, I’ve observed the NRA oppose every type of gun control legislation proposed, most notably, the background check legislation after Newtown. I cannot stand radical organizations (the ACLU and especially the Tea Party) that take a hardline stance and don’t show an ability, or willingness, to be moderate in their views. I actually support certain forms of gun control because, if they work, they may reduce the chances that a person will illegally obtain a weapon and force me to use my legally owned firearm in self-defense. That being said, there’s no reason to oppose background checks, and the NRA seemingly did so just because background checks represent a form of gun control, not because implementing them actually did anything to harm our gun rights.

        If I’m not mistaken, you’re actually pro background checks as well.

        I was also appalled that the gun lobby opposed legislation banning 3-D printer guns. Permitting this technology to be developed is attrocious and downright irresponsible, and one day will subject the population to a new major public hazard that didn’t previously exist.

        I understand that the NRA is the only credible voice protecting our gun rights. I regret that fact. I wish that there was a more moderate organization that supports gun rights, but also takes a rational approach and would not approach sensible gun control legislation that would not impact our gun rights but might actually make us safer from criminals.

        If you can’t get the gun control crowd to even engage in a discussion on gun rights, then I can’t blame you for not wasting your time. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

        As for being the only white guy in a crowd… well, I’m usually the only black guy around wherever I go. I’m the only black officer in my unit, which is almost always the case wherever I go, and when I show up to a family event with my (white) wife’s extended family of some 30+ people, I’m the only dark face in the crowd.

        These things are all much easier to face when you’re all but racially blind 😉

  2. dangit, I thought I had replied to you already man. Sorry for not having done so sooner.

    Thank you for being so gracious in understanding my being put off by “JB” and people like him that include white people who are idiots and so blinded by ignorance that they can not engage in conversation that does not meet every detail of their approval….

    Most blacks that care about carrying guns do so outside the 2nd A.? Hmm. Well, that’s not good, but I’ll take your word for it. I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it does. But, I’m not stupid enough to not follow that hint.

    I don’t think the NRA is racist either, but apparently many do. It’s not like they ask for race on the application. What they do check is that your payment for membership is valid! They then proceed to sometimes become a tad obnoxious about wanting more donations. Well, I donate sometimes, but it’s certainly not on my monthly budget!

    Yes, I am totally pro-background checks! Absolutely. Just common sense the way I see it.

    3-D printed guns….that’s not a good thing at all. If used at all, should only be allowed to be used by firearms manufacturers….and I’d prefer they make MY guns the old fashioned way lol.

    I too wish there was a more “open” pro-gun lobby group with more moderate views…wanna start one? lol. That would be too cool. Hell, if I thought I could, I would!

    However, I have to wonder if the anti-gun crowd would even be willing to engage with a more moderate gun rights organization. They seem to be really intent on doing away with civilian gun ownership altogether, regardless of anything else at all.

    “…officer in my unit..?” What unit is that? Are you active military? If so, please accept an e-salute from a retired war vet 🙂

    You have a white wife eh? Do you catch flak for that in this day and age? Or shall I be surprised to hear that you do not? When I was a teen, I remember 2 different white girls that dated black guys, and boy did they catch hell for it. But that was, let’s see, over 25 years ago…..I do hope things have changed since then. However, it was a small town full of hillbillies and rednecks & stuff, so in their case, I sort of doubt it.
    My wife and I moved out of that city years ago, and we are MUCH happier where we are. No silly BS going on all the time. Not to mention, we are close enough to the city to get there quickly, but far enough away to not be bothered by it too much (except for the occasional sirens at night).

    Ok man, I guess that is really all I have to say in response to your post. If ever in any way something I say here does offend you, please feel free to let me know. I’m not exactly the most socially graceful guy on the planet my wife says….but I do and will try to be equally nice to people…

    Take care, and hey, thanks for even following my blog and comments and site and stuff. I appreciate that a lot.

    Best wishes for a Blessed and Peaceful night!


    1. Please be assured that I enjoy reading your blog and I appreciate someone who, remarkably, has a fairly moderate, wholesome view towards gun rights. I don’t agree with everything you’ve posted, but definitely enough to want to be on your team. I’m just as quick to pick a fight with the pro-gun “guns for everybody everywhere” crowd as I am the “no guns for anybody” crowd, so my respect for you should mean something.

      As far as my military affiliation… I prefer to keep that anonymous due to the nature of my blog, the last thing I want is someone associating it with my identity. I will say that I am college educated (I went to college on a full scholarship, and I’m currently working on a master’s degree), and that I’m a helicopter operator. This time a year ago, I was deployed overseas. Also, thank you for the e-salute, its appreciated! After all, we both wore the same uniform.

      Believe it or not, as far as me being black in a massive family of white inlaws… I think that I pay more attention to my skin color than anyone else in the family. I NEVER felt a hint of negativity as a result of my skin color, in fact, my wife’s massive (white) extended family makes me feel like I don’t have to miss being home for the major holidays. I’ve had more racist comments on our relationship from black people than white people.

      Keep fighting the fight for our gun rights. I don’t agree with all of your postings, which makes our discussions enjoyable. In any case, I’m glad to be on the same team when it comes to our rights as Americans.

      1. Thx for the follow and the respect. Understand u don’t agree with some posts and it’s true that such things are what get a healthy dialogue going.
        Also totally understand about your identity…and u r welcome for the e-salute :))
        Indeed we wore the same uniform and that sort of brotherhood counts a lot in my book!

        Cool about your wife’s family 😀
        In my experience I’ve seen more black on black racism about black and white marriages than I have white vs black. Sad that anyone even cares and even more sad that they think it’s their business and that they make any comments at all. I was raised that if u don’t have anything good to say to keep your mouth shut lol

        Very tickled that you are on my team about gun rights and are up front about anything you disagree with. Indeed it sparks good convo.

        K, have a great day !

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