To reload or not to reload….

Okies, let’s get right down to business.  I currently have a .40S&W, and am buying about $150/month on factory ammo…

I’m going to purchase a 9mm for NRA competition type shooting.  Have NO idea as to the power factor requirements for that, or if I should approach the low end or the “hot” end for competition.

Thinking about getting either an RCSB or DILLON PRECiSION single stage press (I do NOT want a progressive because I will want TOTAL control of powder measure and everything else).  I pretty much realize that in the long run reloading will be cheaper for me given that I’ll be a high volume shooter.

Also, I shoot VERY long range with a .308.  So I would indeed like to work up an optimal load for that.  Match grade ammo is the only ammo I find remotely acceptable off-the-shelf, so now we’re talking about two pistol calibers and one rifle, and that’s a minimum at this point, because I intend to purchase a few more “range toys” lol.

Question is this:  RCSB or DILLON??  

My most recent advice, from a guy that does 500-800 yard prairie dog shooting, is DILLON, but that’s rifle, while I’m talking about precision loading 9mm on a VERY regular basis.  

Anyone have recommendations?  

Also, I know I need the press and die sets for each caliber, but can anyone give me a recommended (with brand) list of the other stuff for PRECISION, round by round, to the 1/100 gr (or smaller tolerance) for 9mm pistol reloading?  What’s the best powder scale?  Who makes the best bullets?  Who makes the best powder?  Used to be Hodgon(sp?), but are there others that are any better?  What about all the other stuff?

ALL INPUT IS WELCOME ON THIS!!  (That includes advice, not just comments).

Thanks a ton!



  1. “My most recent advice, from a guy that does 500-800 yard prairie dog shooting, is DILLON, but that’s rifle, while I’m talking about precision loading 9mm on a VERY regular basis.”

    I own an RCBS Rockchucker single stage press and have used it for a long time reloading rifle and some handgun (mostly 38 Spl and 357 Mag for revolvers). Semi-autos like you are talking about use a different kind of crimp. I don’t have experience with that, yet (may start loading for my 9mm).

    The fact is that for real high volume a single stage is slow, real slow. For rifles that hasn’t been too much of a problem for me. But loading a couple hundred handgun rounds is a lot of work with a single stage.

    Suggest you go to and search on “hickok45 reloading.” He uses a Dillon. If I get motivated and some spare bucks that is the route I would go for high volume handgun reloading. But check out hickok45, he is a respected authority I think.



    1. lwk:

      Hey! Thanks for the reply! Very much appreciate you taking the time 🙂

      I will check out the hickock 45 on youtube as you suggest.

      I am inclined off the bat to go with Dillon, cuz that is what my gunsmith/gun builder/cousin recommended to me…says you can’t go wrong with their equipment, and they have a lifetime, no questions asked guarantee, etc. My ONLY concern really is consistency in powder measure, and bullet seating depth/crimkping. I’m pretty sure the bullet seating depth and crimp will be consistent with either RCSB or DILLON, but it’s the powder measure that I absolutely demand perfect consistency out of. If I’m going to load ammo for the Bianchi Cup, then it must be perfect, every round, every time, no question. That’s the only reason I’d consider single stage over progressive, so that I would be personally measuring and dispensing the powder for each round to ensure perfection. I have that kind of time too lol.

      However, if I can get that sort of precision powder measure out of a progressive for 9mm, then that is certainly the route that sounds better! Just cuz I have the time doesn’t mean I want to use it ALL up on reloading lol.

      Aight. TTYL 😀
      Peace & Blessings LWK

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