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A Poor Parts Combo for the Glock 27

Okies a, I’ve been changing parts and stuff on my G27 again.  This time I put in a 3.5lb connector (trigger connector for those who may not understand what I’m saying).  

Thing is, the last part change was from the stock to a 21lb recoil spring, wherein I was warned about jams with that sort of spring with “regular” (meaning not +P) ammo, which didn’t happen initially.

So, last night I installed a “Ghost Rocket Connector, 3.5lbs” for my trigger pull weight to be 3.5lbs.  

Took it to the range today to check it out.  

I noticed two things.

The first prominent issue was that I couldn’t fire at a rate higher than about a round per second without a jam.

The second thing I noticed (or didn’t notice), was that there was no felt change in the trigger pull, crispness, or reset.

Now, I blame the jams on two things.  

One, the heavy recoil spring with factory ammo, as I was warned about by the

Two, I had put a reasonable (but not too heavy) amount of Brownell’s Action Lube on my slide rails and ALL moving parts of my pistol.  So, whereas last time I fired, the slide was not cycling as quickly, hence no jams, even with the heavier spring, but this time, with the heavier spring still installed, and the ability to squeeze the trigger more quickly due to the connector change, I believe that the slide was just cycling back too fast to grab & feed the cartridges.

My solution is this:

At the range, I will continue to use the lighter trigger connector, but will use the factory recoil spring.

When carrying my +P ammo, I will use the heavier recoil spring.  HOWEVER, I DO need to get some more Zombie Max rounds and test them rapid fire with the heavy spring and with the factory spring to compare.  I’m pretty certain that the +P ammo will function fine in the pistol the way it is….but next time I shoot factory ammo at the range, I WILL put in the factory recoil spring (unless I decide on a less heavy one that is still  heavier than “factory”).

This is why we test fire after changing parts!  We MUST be certain our firearm is working at tip-top shape if we are to rely on it to protect our lives or the lives of those we love!!!

Peace Ya All


Aha! Got that G27 Heavy Spring to Gimme a Jam!

Okies, went to the range again today….took the Glock 27, with the new 21lb recoil spring I used last time with no issue.  

Had no issue today…until….

Pay close attention….

TRIPLE TAPS!  Was using Remington 180gr, FNFMJ Ammo (UMC Factory Stuff)….and as long as I  was on double-taps it was fine.  But I did a few rounds of triple-taps at the silhouette (the one I totally mangled the center of mass out of ), and then, and ONLY then, did I experience any jams at all, And, they actually were not stove pipes, but rather – feed jams.  This surprised me cuz I had lubed up the slide rails and everything else with some super duper stuff from Brownell’s, whose name I don’t recall at the moment, but my “gun guy” recommended it highly.  I’ll post the name later….don’t feel like going downstairs to look at present.

So, the 21lb recoil spring I bought from, DID apparently cause a few jams.  However, NOT the stove-pipe jams I was warned about, but FEED jams…almost like the cartridge was “sticking” to the feed ramp.  A bit odd I thought, as I was shooting with both hands and definitely NOT “limp-wristing” the shots.  I was only loading 8 rounds per magazine.  Out of each, I took the first shot well aimed, then two double-taps for a total of 5, then the remaining 3 as triple-taps.  Accuracy was friggin outstanding, but I DID actually get 2 jams out of around, heck, I don’t know, say 90 rounds.  

Now, I would estimate that had I been firing ALL +P ammo, there would have been ZERO jams….but am not sure yet, and need to test a few boxes of +P.  I’m just too cheap to buy more.  I carry Hornady Zombie rounds in it daily, but I sure as heck don’t shoot them at the range on a regular basis at near $1/rd !!  But, just for the sake of testing, and for my own satisfaction, I will buy some more quick as I can find them, and take them to the range….SOLELY so I can report back here on this “jam” issue the glockstore warned me about….the one I can’t get to happen.  Oh, just FYI, I am definitely NOT knocking the sales people on this!!!!!   I love that store, and they definitely know WTH they are talking about.  I’m just testing their theory in my own personal shooting practice is all.  Naw, glockstore dot com totally ROCKS!

Wednesday, I’m also installing a 3.5lb trigger connector (& some SS assy pins), so we’ll see if that trigger will change anything as well while I’m at the range any dang way LOL.  Oh, btw, if you are in Dayton and already have a CHL/CCW Permit, there is a LEGAL UPDATE CLASS on Feb. 26, 2014 from 5:30pm-9:30pm.  Keep that sort of stuff up to date in your head!!!  Don’t want to carry illegally anywhere, and ESPECIALLY DON’T WANT TO MAKE A BAD SHOOTING CALL!!!!!

For now, ya all take care!

Peace Out!  Carry proud, you’re an American exercising your civil right to do so, and if you don’t fight to maintain that right, you will eventually lose it (and then another, and then another….)


7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP


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Give Me Liberty

Hat Tip To Atomik Tiger.

These are the lies being spread by DiFi and Nanny Bloomberg and their willing partners in the media.

As legal gun owners we need to refute these lies daily.

7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP
Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, America has been embroiled in a renewed gun control debate. In the Information Age there can be a lot of misinformation, and gun control is unfortunately no exception. Here are some of the ways you are being misled.
1. “Assault Weapons”

The term “assault weapon” is a made-up political term. AR-15’s are not military rifles; so unscrupulous politicians refer to them as “military-style assault weapons.” ‘Style’ – as in cosmetic appearance – is the only true word in that description. The Military uses the M4A1 carbine rifle, which looks outwardly very much like an…

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Question for GLOCK Owners

Anyone Ever Had One of Your Assembly Pins Come Partially Out at the Range?

Here’s what happened, in order:

  1. Purchased a 21lb recoil spring for my Gen 4 GLOCK 27 (if you don’t know already, that’s a .40 S&W)
  2. While waiting on order, sent e-mail to support to ask them if it was ok to use with factory ammo
  3. Receive spring in mail & install it (on package the spring was in, it simply said that it was to reduce recoil, and didn’t say anything at all about what sort of ammo to use with such a spring).
  4. Receive eMail from Glockstore support saying that it was intended for +P ammo, and that I might get some “stove pipe jams” using “regular” factory ammo.  No mention of any other possible issues.
  5. Went to range.  Fired about 120 rounds.
  6. Came home, happy that it had worked well with factory ammo.  Recoil/muzzle jump reduced & accuracy improved a good bit.
  7. Field stripped the pistol to clean it, and discovered my rear (through the grips) assembly pin was halfway out
  8. Pushed pin back in with my thumb
  9. Put my +P self-defense ammo magazine back in & re-holsterd for concealed carry, & haven’t shot it since.

Now, I have sent the Glockstore an email asking if that spring could have attributed to the pin coming partially out, and told them I was extremely glad it didn’t come totally out while I was shooting.  Sent that mail this morning and an awaiting a reply.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered some stainless steel replacement assembly pins, and a Glock armorer’s tool (& a 3.5 lb trigger connector).

Now I’ve been considering that pin coming partially out a good bit.  Doesn’t make sense to me at all.  I don’t care if the recoil spring was 31 lbs, that should NOT have happened in my opinion. The very worst thing that should’ve happened would be a “stove pipe jam” from the slide not cycling rearward far enough to allow for proper case ejection.  There is no way that I can think of to justify my pin coming half out.  It just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME!

So, anyone ever had anything similar happen?  If so, did you determine why?

If you haven’t ever had a pin come partially out during a shooting session, given the above info, do you have any speculations as to why MINE did?  

It just couldn’t be internal pressure from factory ammo that did it.  The spring would merely compensate for increased pressure.  NO excessive pressure should have been put upon the grip area, especially by factory ammo, UNLESS the slide was cycling rearward too hard and in turn hitting the rear of the pistol wayyy too hard on the forward motion.   However, if it had been doing that, then certainly I would have gotten a jam because the slide would have cycled forward so dang fast that a casing would have not properly ejected.  Also, forward slide pressure against the frame on the return stroke seems like it would do nothing causing a lateral motion necessary for the pin to slide out at all.  Actually, to me it seems like it would just draw the pin into the frame harder, rather than loosening anything up.

ANY IDEAS ON THIS WHOLE PIN ISSUE???  If it happened to you, what would you do?  Think my pistol is FUBAR?

I suppose I’ll contact my armorer and ask them for the time being, but I just can’t imagine they’ll say anything more than to put the factory spring back in, which I do NOT want to do.  I bought the dang thing to reduce recoil, and it does so even with factory ammo which was still properly extracted.  See, I only have my 2nd, 3rd, little finger & thumb on my shooting hand.  I lost my index finger & metacarpal due to a severe thermal burn when I was working on an ejection seat in the USAF…which is a lot of the reason why I NEED to reduce recoil.  I can get a good grip on the pistol, even one handed, but after 100+ rounds, the ‘regular’ recoil starts to wear on my hand to the extent that the hand slides upward on the rear of the frame (slightly above the “beavertail” and I sometimes get just a little slide burn on the web space between my (now) first finger & thumb…hence my intense desire to reduce recoil.

Does anyone think there might be a manufacturing defect in my pistol?  Would you call GLOCK?  I may.  I just don’t friggin like the idea of taking a chance on my pistol coming apart on me while firing a round.  That just could not possibly be a good thing!!!!   I mean, I don’t think it would “blow up” in my hand — heck, with the other two pins still in, I doubt much of anything would happen — but regardless, a pin coming part way out during a range session is definitely an issue as I see it.

I’ll take whatever input anyone may have on this.  Be sure to consider the facts I’ve given and run the logic on the concept, but comment away if you would? 😀



Police Misconduct Tracking Site

This Site Contains Some Scary Info

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  This is a site that keeps tabs on Police misconduct across our nation.  Recommended link for today:

No, I am definitely NOT anti-police officer in any way.  I am, however, against the misuse of force by public servants who are paid by our tax dollars to “serve and protect” our rights as citizens.

I have a great deal of respect for all the good police officers out there doing their jobs properly and professionally.  In their profession, as in all professions, there are some bad apples.  This site tells us about those bad apples.  Please do not misconstrue this as being a post against the average Officer — IT IS NOT!  

All that said, I DO think citizens need to be aware of some of the “militarization” of many SWAT teams, and/or police departments in general, and realize that they do sometimes make errors.  Some are even intentional misconduct, and hopefully those are dealt with swiftly and forcefully by their superiors.  But, some slip through the cracks, just like in any other profession where there are inevitably a few scumbags to make everyone look bad.  The above link highlights the scumbags, not the average police officer, who is generally professional, courteous, helpful, and who has the public’s best interests in mind!

Glock 27 (Gen4) 21lb Recoil Spring

I recently purchased and installed a 21lb. recoil spring from the GlockStore.

Very soon after I ordered it, I had an “Oh Sh**” moment.  I thought, “What if it is TOO heavy?”

So, I emailed the GlockStore support people.  I told them that I have typically been using 180gr .40S&W, FNFMJ rounds by Winchester, and asked if the spring was “ok” for that ammo.

Well, I went shooting before I got their response, and the spring performed very well in my opinion.  It made racking that first round a little more difficult, but not so much so that it was a problem.  I went through about 120 rounds of the ammo I just specified, and had no “stove pipes” or any other feed type issues.  And, indeed the recoil/muzzle jump had been reduced.

Not too long after I got home, I received an answer to my support question and they warned me that such a heavy spring was really intended for +P ammo, and that I may experience “stove pipes” with the ammo I specified.  Luckily that was not the case, and fortunately, I carry some very heavy duty +P ammo by Hornady(?) – “Zombie Killers.”  At least I think they’re by Hornady.  I apologize if that is incorrect.  I had bought a box of 20, loaded 2 magazines with it, and threw the box away, so at this point I’m actually only sure of the name “Zombie Killers.”   Ah well.  I know it is +P without doubt.  It is a polymer tipped jacketed, segmented type hollow point, and I know I am more than confident that it is adequate for self-defense ammo.  

If you are considering buying a heavier recoil spring for your Gen4 Glock 27, I would probably recommend a 19lb spring, but am here to tell ya that the 21lb spring was fine with the factory ammo I’ve been using.  I tested at various distances and firing speeds, and not the first jam.  Heck, the last 12 rounds I fired consisted of two 12 round magazines loaded with 6 rounds apiece, and I fired at a large target sheet that had 6, 6 inch targets on it, as fast as I could fire, rotating from one target to the next, left to right, top to bottom, reloading the second magazine, and repeating.  Not the first problem, and except for what was apparently a “stance” issue on my part while firing at the target on the top right, my accuracy was definitely improved by using this spring.  

So, if I do ever start getting “stove pipe” jams or the like, I’ll just buy another, lighter spring.  But for now, heck, this 21 lb. version is doing just fine.

Happy Shooting!




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Decision on Reloading Press Made!

Didn’t Take Long to Make a Decision…

I’ve decided on the reloading press I want!  Yay!  The decision I made is based on advice from a relative who does a lot, and I mean a LOT, of reloading for various calibers of pistol and rifle.

Tada!  Here we go with the Dillon Precision’s RL550B Progressive Reloading Press.

Of course there are a “few” accessories I will be wanting to buy, but that is pretty irrelevant.


One simple word:  VOLUME!   I estimate that I will be reloading a minimum of 400 rounds per month, and a potential maximum of at least twice that many.

What will I be reloading?

First and foremost, I will want to work up a load in 9mm for a custom Glock 35 straight from the Glock Custom Shop next Spring.  Secondly, there is the .40 S&W rounds I will be loading in “typical” and +P. Third, there is my sweet .308 Win rifle.  That is actually my absolute favorite gun to shoot, but I do not intend to do rifle competition, whereas with the 9mm pistol, I do.

Therefore I will need 3 die sets to begin.  They are not that expensive, and should last forever, as should this press.


TBD – Need to determine how to make space in the garage for a bench to do this, and for safe storage of components.  Naturally I would prefer to set up in the family room right in front of the TV, but we all know how impractical that is, at least for a married man lol.

Okay.  This is the latest in my reloading decision process.  I realize that it is probably of little interest to many, many people, but I wanted to talk about it anyway, so there we go! 



Decision Made = RELOAD


Based on the info in this video by “Hickok45” on YouTube, I have decided to go ahead and reload.  I figure I’m going to be doing enough shooting to justify it.  Also, have decided on a progressive press.  Want a Dillon Precision if I can find one available to buy! LOL.

Anyway, if you are questioning whether or not to reload, check out “Hickok45” in this video:

Will keep everyone up to date on this journey.  I am familiar with reloading, as I used to do it with a hand-press by Lee for 30-30 rifle cartridges….that was interesting and cool, but ohhhh so slow.

Any further input on reloading is welcome here.  Comment away! 😀