Decision Made = RELOAD


Based on the info in this video by “Hickok45” on YouTube, I have decided to go ahead and reload.  I figure I’m going to be doing enough shooting to justify it.  Also, have decided on a progressive press.  Want a Dillon Precision if I can find one available to buy! LOL.

Anyway, if you are questioning whether or not to reload, check out “Hickok45” in this video:

Will keep everyone up to date on this journey.  I am familiar with reloading, as I used to do it with a hand-press by Lee for 30-30 rifle cartridges….that was interesting and cool, but ohhhh so slow.

Any further input on reloading is welcome here.  Comment away! 😀


  1. I just got back into reloading after an extended period (10 years) of not shooting or reloading at all. I am using the Lee Hand Press to load .30-30 Winchester, .308 Winchester and 9mm Luger. You are so right about it being slow! I still enjoy it but I will be upgrading at some point in the next year or so. I am pretty sure I want either a Turret press or a Dillon 550B simply to make the 9mm reloading more efficient. I just recently found Hickok’s videos and I find them to be very entertaining and informative. Keep them in the 10 ring my friend!

    1. Yep, I’m sadly still saving up for that Dillon….not cheap but well worth it, esp. Given the warranty. I can run over one with a bulldozer, send them the parts, and u will get a new press back. Course there would be no sense doin that, but their warranty is iron clad lol. I too will be doing a LOT of 9mm when I begin preparing for the Bianchi Cup (in earnest) next year. I figure a minimum of 500 rounds per week, plus I shoot .308. Gonna get some Lapua rounds at full price just to have the nrass for that lol
      Thx for your comment!!

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