7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP


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Give Me Liberty

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These are the lies being spread by DiFi and Nanny Bloomberg and their willing partners in the media.

As legal gun owners we need to refute these lies daily.

7 Anti-Gun Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP
Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, America has been embroiled in a renewed gun control debate. In the Information Age there can be a lot of misinformation, and gun control is unfortunately no exception. Here are some of the ways you are being misled.
1. “Assault Weapons”

The term “assault weapon” is a made-up political term. AR-15’s are not military rifles; so unscrupulous politicians refer to them as “military-style assault weapons.” ‘Style’ – as in cosmetic appearance – is the only true word in that description. The Military uses the M4A1 carbine rifle, which looks outwardly very much like an…

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