NO, I am NOT proud of this, just amazed in a weird way that my right to free speech has been infringed upon.

I was raisin hell with some anti-gun folks, bad mouthing the President, cursed a few times, etc., stuff like that.  Not sure WTH got me booted for certain, and really don’t care much.  Easy enough to use a different, old, new, whatever username….but damn, they actually booted me!  Me!  The nice guy that I am.  Go figure.

Oh well.  So much for the 2A AND free speech.  Perhaps I should have actually read the T.O.S.?  Whatever.

What’s on my mind right now is that I’m going to Wrigeht-Patt AFB Saturday for a gun extravaganza.  Their shop is having a (free) raffle & giving pistols away.  Don’t get too happy unless you are retired, or active duty vet with proper ID to get on base, etc.  But heck, I can’t pass up a free chance to win a free gun!!  My remaining fingers are crossed!  (Lost one in line-of-duty)….long story you do NOT wanna hear.

GIVING away guns?!  Ohhhhh, that is just terrible isn’t Mr or Mrs anti-gun person?  Well guess what?  It’s on a military installation, where everyone SHOULD be armed anyway, AND a background check is necessary to collect the prize.  So get your panties out of a wad already (that goes for Mr. AND Mrs. Anti-Gun folks btw, cuz I know you ALL must wear panties….but I digress.

On another note, I just changed a few pistol parts out….now have a titanium safety plunger, a Bar-Sto barrel, and an extended mag release button on my G27.  Yay me!!!!  Looks smooth as hell, especially the barrel.  I’d insert a pic, but not sure I can insert a good one without exposing my SN.  Don’t want my pistol “registered” behind my back!

Hey!  What’s the NSA up to lately?  I just read the other day about some seriously large collections of cell data.  Imagine that.

How long is it untill Barack HUSSEIN Obama exits office anyway?  That executive order writing anti-gun elitist son of a gun (pun intended).

Well, in closing, I’d just like to send a message to ALL anti-gunners:

How can you protect the rest of your Amendment rights without the Second Amendment??  Seriously?!




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