Alright, so everyone has their views about guns, gun control (BS Laws), etc.  Well, they get them out to the public somehow, so here is my own effort:


I have never seen a gun fly into a criminals hand on its own, then aim itself at an innocent person, and then take aim by itself, pull it’s own trigger, and shoot them, fatally or otherwise.  Have you?


Don’t people study American History any more?

The Revolutionary war began being fought by militia-men, who brought their own guns, and who didn’t need permission from the government to own them.  Yes they were single shot.  But remember, except for gatlin’ guns, which a man couldn’t carry, these single shot rifles were state of the art at the time.  As good as any “King’s Man” musket.

So it was people like you and me, who own “state of the art for OUR time” guns, who fought the war that freed our nation from the grip of Great Britain and King George.

People, guns are NOT the dang problem.  The problem is irresponsibility in the homes of so many people who have children whom they choose not to raise in a befitting manner.

There’s two working parents (economical issue), and little Johnny or Jessica is left unsupervised, possibly able to play “on the street.”  Well who in the heck do you think gangs and other criminals recruit.  “Hey kid, you wanna make some money?”  Of course there are human traffic people and a bunch of other demented people out there, but you get the idea.

Johnny, age 16, who has been “on the street” since childhood, sees his buddy driving a Caddy through the neighborhood, and he wants one too.  So he goes to his buddy to find out how he got it.  BOOM!  Criminal made.  Drugs, theft, robbery, etc.   Yep, you can have a “Caddy” too Johnny.  AND with the bonus of not having to actually work at a REAL friggin job to get it.  Go American parents.

Blame it on guns when Johnny gets one from his gang-bangin’ friend, illegally by the way, and shoots a store clerk during a robbery.

NOW, let’s say I am in the store, legally armed, and stop Johnny with a round or two, but fatally wound him.  I now have to go through the criminal and civil courts just to justify saving the clerk’s life, and I didn’t do a damn thing illegal.  Go figure.  Must be the guns.  Doesn’t have anything at all to do with family values, morals, ethics, or even just simple logic.  Nope, my gun jumped out of my holster, all by itself, into my hand, took perfect aim, fired, and killed Johnny, but GUNS are to blame?  How bout Johnny’s parents who weren’t ever involved in raising him any more than hopefully making sure he had food and clothes, at best.

Who is the victim here?  Johnny

Who/what is the culprit??  Guns?  Johnny could have had a knife, and I could have been unarmed….then what?  Who, really, is the culprit?  Anyone ever consider the youth of our country are going to Hell on a train we are fueling with greed?

I’m out

How Many Shots Are NECESSARY to Stop a Lethal Threat?

So What Will The Jury Say?

Let’s say that the worst happens, and you are FORCED to fire…

Further, let’s say you absolutely have made the right decision in doing so (I pray that is the case!)

In Ohio, one is permitted to fire enough rounds, and only enough rounds, to STOP the threat.

How many rounds do you suppose that might actually be?

Personally (and this is NOT legal or other advice), I was trained in the military, with rifle or pistol, to fire 3 shots to center-mass, and am pretty sure that if my “fight or flight” reflex kicks in, that is how I would still respond to a lethal threat, given there’s NO other way around it.  But, wonder what a jury would have to say about that?

Why not just one shot?  Or two?  Why idd it have to be three? — they may very well ask such a question.

MY response would simply be that it was a result of military training.  However, is that gonna fly?  Will I lose my “self-defense” defense in court?  If so, how is that ok?

I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot, and am concerned about the topic is why I wrote this post.

It is my personal opinion that, when someone’s amygdala (that fight or flight part of the brain) takes over, and there’s a HUGE adrenaline rush, I may actually even empty my magazine and reload just to be sure.   Will that land me in jail I wonder?

If YOU were a juror, how many rounds would you consider a “fair” amount to stop a threat with a gun in THEIR hand(s)?

Just curious as to what people might think about this particular question.  I reckon I’ll just have to decide for myself, and train accordingly.  How about you?

Aha! Got that G27 Heavy Spring to Gimme a Jam!

Okies, went to the range again today….took the Glock 27, with the new 21lb recoil spring I used last time with no issue.  

Had no issue today…until….

Pay close attention….

TRIPLE TAPS!  Was using Remington 180gr, FNFMJ Ammo (UMC Factory Stuff)….and as long as I  was on double-taps it was fine.  But I did a few rounds of triple-taps at the silhouette (the one I totally mangled the center of mass out of ), and then, and ONLY then, did I experience any jams at all, And, they actually were not stove pipes, but rather – feed jams.  This surprised me cuz I had lubed up the slide rails and everything else with some super duper stuff from Brownell’s, whose name I don’t recall at the moment, but my “gun guy” recommended it highly.  I’ll post the name later….don’t feel like going downstairs to look at present.

So, the 21lb recoil spring I bought from, DID apparently cause a few jams.  However, NOT the stove-pipe jams I was warned about, but FEED jams…almost like the cartridge was “sticking” to the feed ramp.  A bit odd I thought, as I was shooting with both hands and definitely NOT “limp-wristing” the shots.  I was only loading 8 rounds per magazine.  Out of each, I took the first shot well aimed, then two double-taps for a total of 5, then the remaining 3 as triple-taps.  Accuracy was friggin outstanding, but I DID actually get 2 jams out of around, heck, I don’t know, say 90 rounds.  

Now, I would estimate that had I been firing ALL +P ammo, there would have been ZERO jams….but am not sure yet, and need to test a few boxes of +P.  I’m just too cheap to buy more.  I carry Hornady Zombie rounds in it daily, but I sure as heck don’t shoot them at the range on a regular basis at near $1/rd !!  But, just for the sake of testing, and for my own satisfaction, I will buy some more quick as I can find them, and take them to the range….SOLELY so I can report back here on this “jam” issue the glockstore warned me about….the one I can’t get to happen.  Oh, just FYI, I am definitely NOT knocking the sales people on this!!!!!   I love that store, and they definitely know WTH they are talking about.  I’m just testing their theory in my own personal shooting practice is all.  Naw, glockstore dot com totally ROCKS!

Wednesday, I’m also installing a 3.5lb trigger connector (& some SS assy pins), so we’ll see if that trigger will change anything as well while I’m at the range any dang way LOL.  Oh, btw, if you are in Dayton and already have a CHL/CCW Permit, there is a LEGAL UPDATE CLASS on Feb. 26, 2014 from 5:30pm-9:30pm.  Keep that sort of stuff up to date in your head!!!  Don’t want to carry illegally anywhere, and ESPECIALLY DON’T WANT TO MAKE A BAD SHOOTING CALL!!!!!

For now, ya all take care!

Peace Out!  Carry proud, you’re an American exercising your civil right to do so, and if you don’t fight to maintain that right, you will eventually lose it (and then another, and then another….)