Christians Who Own/Use/Carry Guns…



How do we, as Christians, reconcile our support of the Second Amendment right to Keep and Bear Arms??


Jesus taught forgiveness, turning the other cheek, etc.   The Bible says in at least two places I’m aware of:  “Be angry but sin not.”

How do we, Christians who own guns and carry them (legally with a CCW license), reconcile possibly having to kill someone in our own defense, or in defense of our families, with the teachings of Jesus?

One thing that comes to mind is the “turn the other cheek” passage.  Fact is, in that day and age, it was considered “not manly” to strike someone with your left hand.  So, if a Christian was struck by a Roman, and then turned their other cheek to him, so that if there was another slap that had to be left handed, it would be an insult to the Roman himself, and this was a way of civil disobedience, not Jesus telling us to let people just do as they will to us!  (Attention JB: Do you know who Martin Luther King, Jr. was?  He preached civil disobedience, like Jesus did).  Feel free to research that for yourself if you like, but trust me, I do know what I am talking about in this case 🙂 LOL

But really, WHAT IF?  

What if we have to shoot someone?  

What if they die as a result?  Is that murder?  Not by the law of the land it isn’t.  Is it therefore not a sin?  If it is a sin, would YOU commit it to save yourself or your family?

How does that mesh with the teachings in the Bible?

Please comment and tell me what you think about this!

God Bless and be With You ALL 🙂


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Article: Phony Navy SEAL faces felony gun charges related to military-training program

Article: Phony Navy SEAL faces felony gun charges related to military-training program.

OMG what a LOSER!! Put a bunch of people out of a bunch of money cuz of his BS lying. Only someone who has absolutely NO honor, integrity, or sense of duty to our Nation could do something like this.
Looks like he will now be a 2 time felon…I hope they set the jail down over top of this loon!

The NRA Hates American Values: Observe Their Behavior

The NRA Hates American Values: Observe Their Behavior.


I replied to this one…it’s at least a well written piece of anti-gun bulls***. LOL.  The writer does make a few good points, but IMO, is not very knowledgeable about guns at all, and that is precisely the type of person that is dangerous to our right to keep and bear.  They just don’t know WTH they are talking about when it comes to banning particular weapons, or magazines, or accessories, or (x) other stuff.

This is why they NEED to talk to US, and WE to THEM!

However, in my brief 11 days of blogging, I’ve yet to find an anti-gunner that wants to have a civil convo with me.

Whatever.  Let them keep their heads in the sand while their rumps do their talking for them, as per their instructions by their particular organizations or government reps.


Peace Out ya all!