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How Many Shots Are NECESSARY to Stop a Lethal Threat?

So What Will The Jury Say?

Let’s say that the worst happens, and you are FORCED to fire…

Further, let’s say you absolutely have made the right decision in doing so (I pray that is the case!)

In Ohio, one is permitted to fire enough rounds, and only enough rounds, to STOP the threat.

How many rounds do you suppose that might actually be?

Personally (and this is NOT legal or other advice), I was trained in the military, with rifle or pistol, to fire 3 shots to center-mass, and am pretty sure that if my “fight or flight” reflex kicks in, that is how I would still respond to a lethal threat, given there’s NO other way around it.  But, wonder what a jury would have to say about that?

Why not just one shot?  Or two?  Why idd it have to be three? — they may very well ask such a question.

MY response would simply be that it was a result of military training.  However, is that gonna fly?  Will I lose my “self-defense” defense in court?  If so, how is that ok?

I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot, and am concerned about the topic is why I wrote this post.

It is my personal opinion that, when someone’s amygdala (that fight or flight part of the brain) takes over, and there’s a HUGE adrenaline rush, I may actually even empty my magazine and reload just to be sure.   Will that land me in jail I wonder?

If YOU were a juror, how many rounds would you consider a “fair” amount to stop a threat with a gun in THEIR hand(s)?

Just curious as to what people might think about this particular question.  I reckon I’ll just have to decide for myself, and train accordingly.  How about you?

Aha! Got that G27 Heavy Spring to Gimme a Jam!

Okies, went to the range again today….took the Glock 27, with the new 21lb recoil spring I used last time with no issue.  

Had no issue today…until….

Pay close attention….

TRIPLE TAPS!  Was using Remington 180gr, FNFMJ Ammo (UMC Factory Stuff)….and as long as I  was on double-taps it was fine.  But I did a few rounds of triple-taps at the silhouette (the one I totally mangled the center of mass out of ), and then, and ONLY then, did I experience any jams at all, And, they actually were not stove pipes, but rather – feed jams.  This surprised me cuz I had lubed up the slide rails and everything else with some super duper stuff from Brownell’s, whose name I don’t recall at the moment, but my “gun guy” recommended it highly.  I’ll post the name later….don’t feel like going downstairs to look at present.

So, the 21lb recoil spring I bought from Glockstore.com, DID apparently cause a few jams.  However, NOT the stove-pipe jams I was warned about, but FEED jams…almost like the cartridge was “sticking” to the feed ramp.  A bit odd I thought, as I was shooting with both hands and definitely NOT “limp-wristing” the shots.  I was only loading 8 rounds per magazine.  Out of each, I took the first shot well aimed, then two double-taps for a total of 5, then the remaining 3 as triple-taps.  Accuracy was friggin outstanding, but I DID actually get 2 jams out of around, heck, I don’t know, say 90 rounds.  

Now, I would estimate that had I been firing ALL +P ammo, there would have been ZERO jams….but am not sure yet, and need to test a few boxes of +P.  I’m just too cheap to buy more.  I carry Hornady Zombie rounds in it daily, but I sure as heck don’t shoot them at the range on a regular basis at near $1/rd !!  But, just for the sake of testing, and for my own satisfaction, I will buy some more quick as I can find them, and take them to the range….SOLELY so I can report back here on this “jam” issue the glockstore warned me about….the one I can’t get to happen.  Oh, just FYI, I am definitely NOT knocking the glockstore.com sales people on this!!!!!   I love that store, and they definitely know WTH they are talking about.  I’m just testing their theory in my own personal shooting practice is all.  Naw, glockstore dot com totally ROCKS!

Wednesday, I’m also installing a 3.5lb trigger connector (& some SS assy pins), so we’ll see if that trigger will change anything as well while I’m at the range any dang way LOL.  Oh, btw, if you are in Dayton and already have a CHL/CCW Permit, there is a LEGAL UPDATE CLASS on Feb. 26, 2014 from 5:30pm-9:30pm.  Keep that sort of stuff up to date in your head!!!  Don’t want to carry illegally anywhere, and ESPECIALLY DON’T WANT TO MAKE A BAD SHOOTING CALL!!!!!

For now, ya all take care!

Peace Out!  Carry proud, you’re an American exercising your civil right to do so, and if you don’t fight to maintain that right, you will eventually lose it (and then another, and then another….)


“We The People” Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence

“We The People” Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence.

Ok, demand a plan?  How about “Let US ALL agree upon and create a plan to present to our government leaders, instead of just laying it on their door step?

Please see the post here regarding DIALOGUE :)!  That is what is needed in this situation.  If it must be “you” vs. “us (gun owners),” then things will never get better I assure you.  It is only when people who care about crimes with guns can talk about and agree upon postive solutions to keep the CRIMINALS from acquiring guns, will we ever get anywhere better on this issue.

No problem with some revisions on the gun laws here….just a problem with a demand for mindless erasure of Constitutional rights for HONEST and NON-CRIMINAL citizens to own, use, and/or carry with proper background checks and safety training…

The link above leads to a post that is militant against law abiding gun owners, and that is not very well thought out in my opinion.  Just a bunch of demands, rather than an invitation to discuss and attempt to agree upon progressive problem solving.

Although I am in no way currently a “militant” gun owner, posts like the one linked to above could possibly drive some gun owners to a militant state of mind, which is certainly not conducive to getting things done properly.

It escapes me why, the “Hollywood” people in a video clip here even have anything to say at all on the matter, as it can be safely assumed that they themselves have, in all probability, armed security for themselves and their homes, and hence no need for personal gun ownership.  Further, it is obvious that they are just hopping on what they believe is a popular issue in order to obtain more public recognition and/or support.

This sort of thing is such a shame in my eyes.  Truly it is.

I feel very, very bad for all victims of senseless gun violence.  However, we, the legal and responsible, and safety conscious gun owners of America just do not do such things.  Things like Newtown happen because some adults fail to secure their deadly weapons, which is paramount to gun safety practice.  A responsible mother would not give free access to firearms to her (obviously) disturbed child.   I blame them both in this situation.

As for the theater shooting that happened a while back, if one or more CCW owners with some cajones had been present and carrying legally, I believe the damage could have been minimized.

In any case, why is it that the so called “anti-gun movement” is anti-gun to begin with?  Should they not be “anti-crime/criminal?”  I feel that such people are a bit lacking in perspective and responsible thinking and speaking.  It is sad to me, one who is a retired war veteran and who actively defended our Constitution, to see my fellow Americans having such skewed ideals regarding firearms ownership.

All that having been said, I sort of feel as if I am spinning my wheels trying to get a decent conversation out of any of “those people.”  It saddens me greatly that we cannot join as citizens against crime vs. having such rhetorical B.S. flying out all over the media and internet.  I choose to not be dogmatic or militant regarding this issue.  Is it too much to ask for others to attempt the same attitude?  I just do not get it.  I wish I did, but it just is not sinking in to my mind how taking an honest, upright, law-abiding, concerned citizen’s sporting and self-defense, or collection firearms, is in any way going to affect criminals, who are none of these things, thereby reducing crime?

There is a severe lack of logic and communication between the opposing sides of this issue.

Please feel free to respond to any or all of this post….in this particular situation, I will be gentle in moderating any responses.  Just please do not make any personal insults, or curse too much….that sort of thing offends me, and since this is MY blog after all, it just will not be tolerated.   Therefore, if you can write a well thought out response here, without being an outright ass in doing so, then please just have at it.  If you are incapable of forming such a response, then in my opinion, it might be a good idea to rethink your use of internet media/sharing/social networking altogether.

Follows, tweets, likes, etc. are always appreciated here.  If you follow me, I’ll gladly follow you, whether I agree with your stance on guns or not, simply because I do sincerely care about others’ opinions on the issue, and really, really want to discuss things in a civil manner.

Militant types on either side of this issue–Be warned, I do not like close-minded stances on anyone’s part, and if you strike me as such, your post will go straight into the trash.

Have a blessed day, enjoy life, live and let live.  Please.

Ok, what’s the CCW Law in Ohio?


Know the Law!


This is where you will find all the Ohio State Attorney General information concerning the carrying of a concealed weapon in Ohio.

You ARE NOT permitted to carry without completing a course, and applying for, paying for, and obtaining a license from either YOUR county’s Sheriff’s Department, OR an adjacent County’s Sheriff’s Department!   

At the above site, there is a link to find CCW instructors.   In Dayton, there are many, and I am in process of obtaining a comprehensive list.  At this point, I recommend you go to the class that I attended, that is led by NRA certified Instructors, as required by law:

The Miami Armory,  8945 Kingsridge Dr., Dayton, OH  45458   —   Phone:  (937) 660-3554

These guys are very knowledgeable, have a good selection of firearms (Mostly rifle and pistol last I was there), they have good prices, and are very professional and helpful.

Be advised, this is NOT an advertisement, just a solid recommendation.  Go wherever you want, just be sure it is led by NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructors.

The other places that I can think of off the top of my head would be:   “GunSport” in Centerville, OH, and possibly, “Springboro Shooting Sports”, Main Street, Springboro, OH.   I’ll get the actual and complete information posted here ASAP, but if you are in a hurry just use a search engine to find these places.

Again, be advised, it is REQUIRED that you have a CCW license to carry a concealed firearm in Ohio. Doing so without a permit IS A FELONY!  SO DON’T DO IT!

Also be advised, convicted felons are not permitted to purchase handguns (for certain….not sure about “long guns”, but that info would be at the Attorney General site as well I think).

OK, now that the basic info is out of the way, let’s talk about WHY AND HOW one should carry a concealed handgun in Dayton, Ohio.

First and foremost, CCW is simply for self-defense.  Now, that does not mean that you can pull your weapon and shoot someone just because you are in a heated argument or insanely mad at them.  One must be be able to articulate how one was in fear for their life, or severe bodily harm before pulling or using that handgun.  Now, that is not the actual language of the law.  These are my words, and you should not take them as being law.  Go to the Attorney General Site, READ the law, and then take the CCW class from an NRA certified instructor.  I am paraphrasing here — be it known that I am not an attorney or legal representative of any sort, and you should consult such a person with questions regarding acceptable use of your properly licensed concealed weapon.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us discuss some common sense “CCW” logic:

  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.  This is a good practice whether you carry or not.Do not take the attitude that, “I’m armed so I can go and do whatever the hell I want!”  That sort of attitude would almost indubitably land your butt in prison.  So just be calm, cool, and collected
  • REMEMBER, your primary weapon is your BRAIN!  Use it!  Don’t go places you do not belong, especially at night.
  • Do not walk through strange neighborhoods, especially at night.
  • Secure your home with the proper locks & such.
  • Keep your car locked at all times, and when you leave it parked somewhere, ensure that all valuables are well hidden or, preferably, in the trunk.
  • Remember that when you are legally carrying a concealed firearm, your firearm MUST be holstered at all times, whether on your person, or in your vehicle.  Unholstered firearms are very susceptible to accidental discharge, thereby endangering YOU  AND INNOCENT BYSTANDERS.
  • Use a proper holster, and proper clothing to conceal your weapon.  It’s “Concealed” Carry, NOT “Open” Carry!  So keep that puppy well hidden.  The fewer people that know you are actually armed, the better.  That may sound odd to you, but trust me, it is like the person who picks a fight with the biggest guy in a bar to prove himself.  Do not be, or try to be “the biggest guy”  and attract that sort of negative attention.
    • By the way, as far as bars go, just don’t drink and carry concealed at the same time.  For one, I’m pretty sure it is illegal.  Secondly, alcohol loosens your inhibitions, and can make you way too quick to show or use your weapon in an unacceptable manner.  My personal rule of thumb is, if I have my sidearm on me, then I do NOT drink at all, anytime, anywhere.  Again, READ and KNOW the law at the Attorney General site for specifics on where you are, and are not allowed to carry.  Period.

These are just some tidbits of my own personal advice.  Again, I am not a lawyer or legal type person, and this is not legal advice.  It is MY common sense advice.  I have been carrying concealed for over fourteen months, and I have yet to be in a situation wherein it was necessary for me to even show my weapon, much less, use it!

Oh, one more little tidbit before I sign out for the evening:



Thanks for your time and attention to this post, and have a great night!

Founder, http://www.gunrightsdaytonohio.wordpress.com