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Hi.  I am the founder of this Blog.


I’m a 44 year old very happily married man with grown kids (married early :)…I am Retired USAF, a gun rights supporter/advocate,a Patriot, and a defender not only of our beloved USA, but also the Constitution thereof.

I’m a Christian, and as far as that goes, my “doctrine” begins in Genesis 1 of the typical Protestant Bible, and ends on the last verse of Revelation.  I do belong to the United Methodist Church, and I do support them for the most part, but I can not say that I totally agree with some of their political views, especially since I feel that churches in general should not be political movements.

I’m a rifleman, a pistol shooter, and I love to put holes in PAPER  targets from as far as possible with my custom .308, or at various distances with my carry gun, a Gen4 GLOCK 27, .40S&W.

I believe in VOTING, and in communicating with our government representatives on myriad legislative issues, including the Second Amendment.

I would like for the people of Montgomery County Ohio who believe in and support the 2nd Amendment to make their voices heard to our elected officials.  

You will certainly decide for yourself how you feel about firearms.  Maybe you already have a staunch view?

Personally, I support their legal and safe use.  I just ask that, if you are anti-gun, you consider the fact that convicted criminals can not, and do not buy their weapons legally in stores such as people like me.  They, or a large portion of them, don’t care about human life like honest citizens do, and no gun legislation anywhere is going to prevent someone who wants to do harm from doing it.  If even NO ONE at all had a gun, there are many, many other things that can be used as weapons.  It’s been like that since the beginning of the homo sapien, and it will be like that until the end of homo sapien.  Do a little research on the primal “fight or flight” human response and you will see what I mean.

Anyway, now you know how I feel about guns.  Used legally, safely/properly, they are tools that serve many purposes.  So please, even if you don’t like guns, please don’t try to take mine away!  Now this is a point on which I will not yield:  As long as I am obeying the law regarding firearms, I will NOT give mine up voluntarily or otherwise.  That is not a dare or a threat.  It is a simple way of saying that if I did nothing wrong, then do not punish me.  I believe in due process of law, not illegal search and seizure.

Further, I recommend that you read the entirety of the Constitution, which can easily be found online with the use of a search engine.  I also recommend that if you do not remember it from school or elsewhere, you read or re-read about the Revolutionary War a bit.  Let’s remember that we all  have freedoms that are dear to us, and if we start doing away with one freedom, such as the right to keep and bear arms, then that just blows the door wide open for other freedoms to be taken away, like the right to privacy for instance (read up on the NSA phone metadata collection issue), or the rights of the press, free speech, the right to the pursuit of happiness, etc. et al.    Please, let us not open Pandora’s box in removing citizens’ rights without due process.

At least let us have some common sense, open dialogue about whatever issues we have, and come to a reasonable compromise, a majority vote, and if necessary, modify current legislation rather than just stacking more on top of what is currently on the books and making things yet more complicated (and expensive) for everyone.

That’s all I have to say about my personal convictions.

Even if no one ever visits, comments, shares, whatever regarding the posts here, I will still have achieved my goal of trying to communicate a good, common sense message to the public regarding legal gun ownership and use, and hopefully, just hopefully, someone may think, “Well, these gun owners are not ALL gun nuts.   Maybe a dialogue IS possible?”

Have a Great One, and may God Bless You!

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