I am a legal concealed carry licensee in Ohio.
My carry gun is an off-the-shelf Glock 27 (Gen4), .40 S&W

Initially, after firing some outside of the standard 21 foot range that is used for CCW range quals, I just wasn’t impressed with my little GLOCK.  HOWEVER, after giving it another try, another day, I decided that it was probably just as much, or even more due to ME, rather than the pistol.  Therefore, I have combed through The GlockStore  and have created a wish-list (available to anyone who registers for free at that site) that includes a good number of customization items to help me and this pistol squeeze out some more accurate groups at longer ranges.  Things like a stronger guide rod spring assembly, a titanium striker, a 3.5lb connector for the trigger, etc., etc., etc., all the way up to a threaded Lone Wolf barrel and compensator!  I will definitely stop there though, because it will eventually get to the point where the personal customizations would cost me as much or more than a new “Custom” pistol from their Custom Shop.

I do intend to purchase a custom G35 next year, and further, I intend to take it to the Bianchi Cup whenever I’m able to get there and enter.  However, I need to find out if compensators and special sights are allowed at that tournament first….if not, I’ll just buy a different barrel and sight setup for competition, and then use the custom shop setup everywhere else 🙂   Simple.   GLOCKS are notoriously easy to work on and customize to your liking.  There’s one of my many reasons for it being my pistol of choice.

Today I had my son take a video of me taking off the slide, spring, and barrel, and then putting it back together. I mistakenly named the YouTube video “Glock 27 Disassembly and Reassembly,” when what I really meant was “How to field strip a Glock.” The procedure is the same for almost ALL GLOCKS.  I recently read or saw somewhere that a few of them are a bit different, but I’ve yet to see one in person that is different.

Here is the video:

Total disassembly is really not that tough, and because of this, it is pretty simple to install many custom parts, such as threaded barrels & compensators, lighter trigger connectors, titanium strikers, extended mag & slide releases, etc.

If you want to see the different parts you can use to customize your GLOCK, go to:  The Glock Store !


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