MY Shooting Log….

On January 23, 2014 @ Sim-Trainer in Moraine, Ohio

Shot at Sim-Trainer today.  Went through about 120 rounds total.  These are my last 3 targets fired.

On the first “Page” of six numbered targets similar to these, I fired from various distances, using both hands, and one handed, left and right.  Those targets were “ok,” much as these.  I’m not very proud of any of these targets, especially given the short distances fired, but then, I’m not ashamed of them either!  lol

I need to focus more on my stance, and on my two handed grip.  When shooting with just my left hand, I had much better success than shooting with just my right (bad, but dominant) hand.

I NEED to get a “Target Gun” from GLOCK.  The one I have is “off-the-shelf” and is great for concealed carry.  It will do fine until I am able to obtain a “pure target pistol” from GLOCK.  I WAS going to get a custom Sig-Sauer P226, but have decided to go with GLOCK.  Personal choice…BOTH are great pistols!

Meanwhile, I will work with what I have.  I may change my barrel and add a compensator.  Am considering a 3.5 lb trigger connector.   I’ll just buy it, pop it in, and see how it feels.  If it is anywhere close to what I would personally call a “hair trigger,” then I will swap it right back out to the factory disconnect and deal with the heavier pull.

Factors today:  I was well rested.  My nerves were calm.  I was inconsistent with my stance, and had to REALLY focus on that.  By the time I got to these 3 targets, I was zeroed in so to speak, but obviously not well enough.  It may be worth the fee to schedule an hour of private training to diagnose anything I may be doing wrong.  Other than stance and potentially grip issues, at this point I just do not know why my shots are not grouped better than this, even though stance and grip issues are bad enough!  I find these targets almost embarrassing!  It is NOT the precision shooting I know I could do with a larger frame, smaller caliber, match grade pistol, i.e. the GLOCK Custom shop pistol I intend to purchase ASAP.  It will be at least the end of May 2015 by the time I get it.  That gives me only around eleven months to do serious preparation for the Bianchi Cup.  That is a lofty goal but I am ready and committed to working on it!

That’s my analysis.  I will post my final 3 targets each time I shoot. Perhaps I will be able to actually SEE some improvement at longer distances.  However, this range only goes out to fifty feet.  I need to be shooting groups BETTER than this at fifty YARDS!  Gonna take some time and effort.  Reduced and better controlled recoil from my custom gun, as well as the smaller caliber, AND the grip facilitated by a larger frame, will work wonders.  For now I’ll just have to keep at it and see what I can do with what I have. ~S~


Missed one shot altogether on this target perhaps? I really couldn’t tell if that middle right set of shots is a set of 2 or 3…

GLOCK 27, Gen4, .40S&W at fifteen feet, 8 rounds

On this 25 foot target, I count 8 shots.  Above the row of four, there is a double-shot if you look closely. Odd that this target at 25 feet looks better than the one at 15 feet… These are right about 6 inch targets by the way, so I realize that the first two targets here reflect an approximate group size of around five inches or less…acceptable for the average CCW type shooter, but it certainly is not acceptable to ME!

GLOCK 27, Gen4, .40S&W at twenty five feet feet, 8 rounds

GLOCK 27, (Gen4), .40S&W at twenty five feet feet, 8 rounds

Bottom right of this target is a double shot hole.  Stayed with around a seven inch group, but my aim is obviously off here, and I would suspect that my stance was as well.  I don’t feel I am having trouble with trigger jerk or anything else that would affect the muzzle, so I just assume this poor centering of the group is a result of poor stance.  I may have also fired too quickly.  On all 3 targets in this journal entry, I probably shot the eight rounds per target at a rate of about 15 seconds per each 8 round magazine.  It was definitely not “slow” shooting, neither was it rapid fire. Simply put, when my eyes and the sights line up, I pull the trigger with continuously consistent pressure throughout the shot.  So target differences just about have to be due to grip or stance.  We’ll see how I do next time!

GLOCK 27, Gen4, .40S&W at fourty feet, 8 rounds

GLOCK 27, Gen4, .40S&W at fouty feet, 8 rounds




February 6, 2014 – Rapid fire, 8-6 rd. mags, target to target rotation, as quickly as I was able to shoot (15′)







Looks to me that I was “pulling” to one side with the two top targets, OR, aiming too low.  Tried to move my eyes to the target before moving the pistol to it, but even so, still had a tough time with the two targets placed just above shoulder level.  Seemed like the lower the targets were, the better I shot.

Had just installed a 21lb Stainless Steel recoil spring into my Glock 27 before this session.  Noticeably difference in recoil, but not as noticeable as I would have liked.  Also, the slide is a good bit harder to cycle.  No big deal really, just something I noticed.  My next upgrade will be chrome pins for all 3 holes in the frame (just for looks), an extended chrome finish mag release, and an oversized chrome finish slide lock.  The mag release and slide lock changes will aid in reloading, and that’s about all I will expect from them….

So there’s another shooting session…


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